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  1. Anyone see @Fat Nick around lately?
  2. Right, got that. It needs to be updated on the footballguys.com links also. @Joe Bryant
  3. I'm getting this error now when I try to go directly to the FFA or any forum link from the FBG home page. I just figured the forum was down. I was able to click on my profile, click a recent post and then get to the FFA from there. Weird. If I open a new tab and try to go directly to the forum I get the same page not found error. ETA: I can navigate around the forum fine once I am in. ETA2: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/4-footballguys-free-for-all/ - This works https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/forum/4-footballguys-free-for-all - This was saved in my br
  4. Oh, this is mine. I don't hate them. Just very few songs of theirs I actually like. I have good friends that LOVE them, and have gone all over the country to see them. They even have his and hers Pearl Jam lyric tattoos. Too each their own.
  5. Meh, you were being hopeful like the majority of us. No apologies.
  6. Not if they're cutting it off and cauterizing the stub. ETA: For him to get back and play. It's a joke before someone gets bent out of shape.
  7. Did it look like Smith had a broken/dislocated/messed up finger or something?
  8. Spilled a beer on my work laptop about 6 months ago on a work road trip. It was a bad enough spill to shut it down. Dried it out as best I could (towel, hotel hair dryer) and tented it over the hotel A/C vent overnight. Did not attempt to turn it back on until I got back to the office a week latter. Picked up a cheap Walmart laptop to get me through the road trip. It fired up fine when I did get back to the office other than a few sticky keyboard keys. I've been using it ever since, but I for sure did get lucky. Gave the cheap laptop to my mom. The boss lady was not happy whe
  9. I received an email back in November. Hopefully you can open a customer service ticket. I did the same as @urbanhack after I received the notice. Converted to bitcoin then transferred. ETA to tag @harryhood also.
  10. Just wanted to stop back here and thank you for this mention.
  11. Yes, I posted the numbers when the clock hit 0:00. Not thinking that the votes after would still come in. I just thought many would be abstaining.
  12. Kind of tough to go back to that well when the twitter account of the unfortunately deceased is still visible.
  13. I voted for him for the simple reason he was standing up to Trump before the election and Trump started calling him "little Ben Sasse." I have not been disappointed.
  14. Just got home and sat down. Thought it was people on a tour lol They were staying within the rope barrier. Then a few started carefully widening that rope barrier. How courteous of them. Several with bags and backpacks. Looks like some plan to stay for a while.
  15. I thought there was talk of the National Guard be present? I never thought I would see what I'm seeing. Reporter on PBS live Youtube just said protesters are in the Capitol building.
  16. Looks like there will be some live coverage videos on Youtube. Like this one from CBSN. Anyplace else?
  17. I don't think you have to go to 4chan for the 5G stuff. I believe it's all over Facebook also. I know someone locally that believes it causes mental illness, cancer, and birth defects. She's early 60s and would have no idea what 4chan is. Anthony Quinn Xavier Warner was 63.
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