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  1. I don't think you have to go to 4chan for the 5G stuff. I believe it's all over Facebook also. I know someone locally that believes it causes mental illness, cancer, and birth defects. She's early 60s and would have no idea what 4chan is. Anthony Quinn Xavier Warner was 63.
  2. It's been mentioned, but this very simply could be a guy that had a major (to him) beef with AT&T. I don't know what other business are in the area that could have been a target. If his goal was to cause disruption and be a PITA on his way out, he succeeded. Thankfully he wasn't going for a body count anyway.
  3. This didn't dawn on me when you posted earlier, but if you do have to go this route, make sure you don't get the Straight Talk device that runs off AT&T. I had Straight Talk for several years and always had to make sure I bought devices that used the Verizon towers (red map) versus AT&T (blue map) because AT&T service is spotty in my area. Even with the Straight Talk that runs on Verizon, you might currently have data issues with all the traffic and others taking priority.
  4. I don't understand how this vote is almost 50/50. I've paid attention my last few showers. It's not something I even think about. I just do it when running bar soap/body wash over my chest and stomach on the way down to other areas.. Takes a second at the most. I'm sure at one point I started doing it consciously after smelling the lint that was trapped in there.
  5. If they don't call that a strudel, I'm just going to give up right now.
  6. Sounds a lot like what I read about the situation at Texas. A lot of big money thinking they should have influence. The big boosters should just be the bag men and stay out of coaching decisions. Like Bama. ( @gump )
  7. You guys are making me hungry. My mom makes an amazing prime rib, so that's what I will be having for Christmas. I did a 5 lb roast indirect on a Weber kettle earlier this year that turned out fantastic. Next time I think I will try getting a little Weber Smokey Joe super hot after the roast is to temp for the reverse sear. Should you rest a small roast like that before doing the reverse sear?
  8. Voted 7, but my cookie scale only goes from 5-10. I like them, but they wouldn't be my first choice if offered a plate with various other choices.
  9. I realize that's not why we're here, but isn't @SWC a true Wisconsbrohan from way back? I can't see @Otis even trying/wanting to pull that off. If that's not true my whole world is a lie.
  10. Seeing reports of a ~$5.2 million buyout. Any FCS schools looking for a coach or DC? Mark Stoops looking for an analyst at Kentucky?
  11. I know PSU players were to meet after the game last night to decide on going to a bowl. Was just going to say Nebraska will play, but it's sounding like the players voted against it.
  12. Going to be about $120 more than the Fender Champion 20 linked, but has some very cool features and a very intuitive app. Supposed to be a great Bluetooth speaker also. I've been through a few practice amps in the Spark range lately hoping those extra features inspire me to play the electric a little more.
  13. This. If it was impact with the helmet his head would be going the other way.
  14. I can't imagine the rest of the GOP would be happy about losing the Texas electoral votes.
  15. Wasn't 2024 also the year everyone was talking for the next round of conference realignment? Time flies.
  16. They should have showed the Mercedes driving away with the sad-faced bunny chained to the front grill.
  17. Truckers sometimes chain or tie stuffed animals to the front of their trucks. I wouldn't say it's super common, but not unusual either. I've seen it several times. If you search the internet for why, you will get a bunch of different answers. Some about warding off evil spirits that cause accidents. I guess the point of the commercial is that the stuffed animal would rather be in a Mercedes than tied to the front of a truck. Kind of a weird way to go with a commercial.
  18. I'm not sure I'm following. Are you talking about a 6th in-conference game this weekend? I'm not sure there is another team available. Unless you are suggesting rearranging the schedule of other teams to accommodate OSU, which would remove a game from an otherwise healthy team. ETA: Michigan, Indiana and Purdue are out this weekend.
  19. The only team with a gripe might be Indiana (who lost to OSU) and maybe Northwestern (because reasons). I would have been major pissed if they would have allowed an OOC game after shooting it down earlier. This, I have no problem with.
  20. I don't think the Mormon part is offensive. If I was Coastal Carolina, I might be more offended by "Mullets". Kind of like the Catholics vs Convicts.
  21. AGAIN!?! I already said up thread if that happened it should count as a negative for OSU. ETA: Maryland and Rutgers are the conference newbies and OSU v Maryland was cancelled earlier. Make them take one for the conference.
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