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  1. Sounds like the kid has some issues. According to the 247 article about the incident, he was also suspended during last year's soccer season for something similar.
  2. I'm sure the drivers of the two cars behind the plane had that brief moment when you see something so out of the ordinary it doesn't immediately register.
  3. I can't speak for myself because I only got the Quest 2 a couple of days ago, but a guy I work with still uses the one he got last year for fitness purposes. He has a boxing and tai chi "games" that are a good workout apparently. I made the mistake of playing a rollercoaster game standing up last night. I almost fell over and my stomach was still queasy a couple hours later. Was much safer sitting down.
  4. After the first part, I thought this story was going to end a lot differently.
  5. I thought you might want to look into this a little more: https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/85589/binance-blocking-us-users-14-day-deadline-new-email https://coingeek.com/binance-will-lock-united-states-users-accounts-in-14-days/ https://www.coindesk.com/binance-ramps-up-crackdown-on-us-users-giving-them-14-days-to-withdraw-funds Not sure how legit these sources are.
  6. Switched over to the 5 GHz channel on my wifi router and the speed test is now showing I'm getting 230 Mbps. Was never having issues with Neflix/Hulu/Prime etc. The issue was always with things like the ESPN or Fox Sports apps running on my FireTV.
  7. Maybe they are just trying to get rid of me since my account has been dormant for a while. @General Malaise Hold onto your hat, but I'm seeing your $50 is now up to about $8.
  8. Guy (48 yo) in my extended circle of friends passed away late last night. A little overweight, but pretty average. No other health risks. Fought it for about 6 weeks.
  9. My speed tests using speedtest.net (all to my ISP) are currently all over the place. 254 on the wired computer, and now 90 on an old Chromebook connected to wifi. I have a newer Windows PC to try on wireless, but it's currently installing updates. Looks like a pretty good bottleneck on the wifi side through, but faster than when I checked this AM. I replaced my wifi router a couple months ago thinking that was the issue because the old one was also 5 years old. No change. Shouldn't be throttling because I haven't gotten close to my max data since I upgraded plans last time. A l
  10. Nice to see this thread bumped. My cable internet speed appears to have degraded over the last few months. I don't have problems with Netflix/Hulu etc., but have buffering issues with things like live games on ESPN and Fox Sports. I had an "up to" 200 Mbps plan, but am currently only getting ~33 on a speed test to my ISP. I'm sure it used to be closer to 90 Mbps. Logged onto my ISP account and saw I could upgrade to an "up to" 600 Mbps plan and save $5 per month. My question is that I have a 5 year old Arris SURFboard 8x4 modem that has a top speed of 343 Mbps. Looks like it would b
  11. Not sure where to put this, but thought others here might have been using Binance as well. Received this email from Binance on 11/23: Glad I decided to read that particular email. I don't have a lot of $ there, but enough to not just lose or have to jump through a bunch of hoops to withdraw. Spent about 45 minutes getting my account reset since I hadn't logged on in well over a year. Now I'm waiting on my Coinbase account to be reset so I can transfer.
  12. From the videos, it looks like you can make out the remnants of a campfire. So you just know people have been camped out there tripping balls staring at that thing.
  13. It's been a tough year for a lot of folks. I hope everyone has something to be thankful for. Wishing the best to you and yours.
  14. It was joked about that Saban had a "false" positive earlier, but that would pretty much explain it.
  15. Outdoorsy Bansky or Sleestaks - The holes in the rock walls looks like good places for Sleestaks to live.
  16. They lost 2 games due to their own outbreak. I get what you're saying but Northwestern probably isn't losing two of MSU, Minnesota, and Illinois. I guess there would be potential for Minnesota to not even go next week meaning NW would just have to beat MSU or Illinois.
  17. They eventually have to take advantage of the field position they've had all half, right?
  18. Ordered the Quest 2. Didn't currently have a FB account so set one up for this purpose only. Don't plan to add any FB friends.
  19. It's probably been mentioned, but is anyone starting to wonder if the situation is, "we know it was rigged because we had it rigged"? Or they at least thought they had it rigged?
  20. From what I can tell, your $50 is now worth ~$5.50 I put this together a while ago. Click on ALL-TIME under the percentage. It's not exact but should be close. I have no idea what the status of the "keys" are.
  21. Wow. Glad you survived to talk about it. Snake bites can be nasty.
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