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  1. Almost 10 minutes of video. If you like watching this type of thing. My favorite are the campers with AC units on top.
  2. I agree that the kids want to play, but it is a "free" year of eligibility if they want to stick around. At least that was the word earlier. I would understand if they want to call it career with everything going on. ETA: I have no idea what the NCAA is planning to do with scholarship limits and incoming class if a bunch of current scholarship players want to stick around.
  3. Live in rural Nebraska and can confirm. As far as I know there aren't any "rules" and mask requirements are up to the business owners. Even in stores that have signs saying masks are required you see people without them. Maybe it will take a 3rd wave for people to get the hint. I still do a little traveling for work and had to stop at a rural Iowa convenience store on my way back to the office Wednesday. Not a mask in sight other than the employees. After all this time people still look at you like you have two heads for wearing one.
  4. Oh hell yes. Might be the perfect white elephant gift. ETA: And it makes sounds and plays music.
  5. Menards sells a decent/inexpensive sit in kayak if that's what you are looking for. They usually go on sale a couple times a year. They aren't too expensive at regular price and you can always use their rebates. My friends and I have about a dozen of them.
  6. His chip in '87 is one of those, "I remember exactly where I was" moments.
  7. I wish I could say the same. My friends and family are quite diverse politically as well. I've gotten to witness firsthand extreme views on both sides......ie, The left has been trying to sabotage Trump from the get-go, vs. Trump is the worst president ever, and is dangerous, and anyone who is for him, must be insane.....when people feel that strongly there's no discourse, unfortunately......this is why I figure the truth is somewhere in the middle of all that, like it always is......this is also why I've pretty much checked out on it, and don't really care.....none of it is worth losing rel
  8. Bovada with Biden at -900. I don't think sportsbook are a great indicator because they change with the money coming in, but that's the highest I've seen. -2000 in NV.
  9. The work he's been doing in the basement is a real genius move.
  10. My family falls all over the political spectrum. I was worried, but it's really been civil on our Snapchat group. Everyone thanking everyone else for voting even if they know those votes are the opposite of theirs. A couple pot stirring comments, but no one has taken the bait.
  11. That's big here in Missouri as well. Not something I'm used to and still don't understand it. Warsh, as in Warshington or "warsh the dishes" is alive and well in Nebraska with my parent's generation. My kids when my mom says it.
  12. This is my grandaugher. My daughter has taken the pandemic very seriously while away at college, and as a result hasn't had a lot of (if any) social time. Only 1 in-person class every other week. This cat has been great for her state of mind. She's still just a kitten, but I hope she never grows into those ears. Looking forward to meeting her someday. Black jaguar doing what they do.
  13. Not going to lie. I went to bed in a bad mood last night expecting to be all kinds of pissed off this morning. Really appreciate the updates this morning. Especially the updates from the sportsbooks.
  14. Was up in Wisconsin last week so brought back a couple New Glarus sampler packs. Not sure I have enough.
  15. All the Nebraska fans clamoring that Wisconsin should have played last week should now be thanking them for not.
  16. I like this list a lot. Some things I would add #9 add Take 5 M&M's move to #8 with a bunch of solid chocolate (Hershey bar, Crunch, Mr Goodbar, Krackle) #7 Twix, 100 Grand We've done these lists before, but Kit Kat is a glaring omission.
  17. Beers in the fridge. I was supposed to work from home Wednesday so I could sleep in a little, but it sounds like my boss might have Covid. Anyone give 7 to 1 odds yet?
  18. Hmmm, not sure about that. Will be quite a few 2-3 loss teams in the top 25. The gap from tope 3 or 4 and 25 is pretty wide.
  19. Popular movie theater candy I think. I always preferred Junior Mints.
  20. I rated Whoppers a 5. Would rank Almond Joy an 8. Personal preference and all that.
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