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  1. Two trades were made in two of my dynasty leagues: 12 team, ppr, superflex: Zeke Elliott for 1.04, 1.09, 1.11, 2.04 and 12 team, ppr: Saquon for 1.02, 1.10, 1.12, and Stefon Diggs
  2. dynasty, ppr, 12 team (qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, wr, te, flex, superflex) Team A receives Joe Mixon Team B receives Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack, 2019 2.06
  3. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I'm just saying what I could see happening. As others have alluded to, maybe the teams with a Sun-Thur turnaround opt to rest their starters for one of those two games. Or let them take an extra week of rest off a bye to allow backups more practice time to prep for a game. Essentially, I think teams would synchronize the games they would take out their key players (like starting o-line with their QB1). To clarify, I'm against the two game rest mandate. I'm all for adding in rest, but I like the idea of more bye weeks rather than forced resting during ga
  4. I would see it as pseudo preseason games. Rest all the starters at the same time. Now, it may not be the two first games of the season, and it could vary by team when they go that route, but I could definitely see it happening. Like others, I also think it is a terrible idea.
  5. Quite right, there is no guarantee. Looking at his roster, I tried to best judge where I thought it would land. I think 2-5 has the highest chances. Given the prospects for the 2020 class (as you pointed out and is discussed in other threads), I was comfortable taking that chance.
  6. 12 team, ppr, superflex I gave: 1.02 + 2.07 I got: 2020 1st (early) + 2020 2nd (early)
  7. I was Team C in the above trades. I was shocked when he offered all 3 2nd rounders for my (at the time)1.11. I double and triple checked that he was sure that was what he wanted. Unfortunately this trade went down before I got to the event. Had I been there, I certainly would have put in a much better offer for him. Team A confirmed he would have accepted 1.07 and 1.11 which I had at the time. I would have gladly paid that price for Fournette and 2.02.
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one that was thinking along these lines.
  9. Just had a flurry of trades go down in my dynasty league with a face to face event. 12 team, ppr, all skill positions with superflex (qb,rb,rb,wr,wr,wr,te,flex,sflex). Trade 1 (This one surprised me) Team A: Leonard Fournette + 2.02 Team B: 1.10 + 1.12 Trade 2 Team B: 2.02 + 2.07 + 2.12 Team C : 1.11 Trade 3 Team B: Jay Ajayi Team D : 3.06 Trade 4 Team E: Cam Newton Team F: Kirk Cousins + Michael Gallup Trade 5 Team D : Jack Doyle Team F: Jamison Crowder Trade 6 Team C : Tarik Cohen + 2020 3rd (mid-late)
  10. This is all personal oponion, but I think it's pretty even without the pick swap. But there is usually a premium to be paid when getting a higher tier player, so I understand the pick swap being added and don't think it's light at all. ETA: thinking a little more, I think woods is undervalued in general, as others have referenced in the forums. If I had Evans, I may still agree to the deal without swapping picks (roster dependent) because I like Lindsay and Woods.
  11. Completely agree. I probably could have stated that more clearly. I meant that other trades that have been posted in this thread and elsewhere involving Lindsay surprised me. He was, more often than not, going for much lower than I expected.
  12. I absolutely think this. We had an Amari for Lindsay trade (1:1) happen mid season in one of my leagues. While I understand one trade and one league doesn't set the bar, I was still surprised to see him going for quite a bit less than I thought he would after watching him all season.
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