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  1. Looking for active and engaged all year round franchise owners looking for a different style of Dynasty league. In this league we have 10 owners, who play double headers each week which results in just better overall chances for everyone. This is a Superflex IDP league with 62 man rosters, 7 Injured Reserve(IR) slots and a 10 player, 2 year max time allowed Taxi Squad (TS). The draft is both veteran and rookie and the draft order is set by using the randomized feature that MFL has which means every round is different in terms were you pick.. This method takes away from the repetitiveness o
  2. Looking for 1 more let me know if you interested..
  3. New league looking for owners New league needs a few more owners for a 12 team superflex with a TE premium. Entry is $30.00 each year, payable thru leaguesafe. We need just 6 more owners, once the league is full and everyone has paid we will begin the startup draft with rookie picks included, then a rookie draft will follow on a future date. The basic roster criteria is: Total Starters:21 Number of Starting QBs:2 Number of Starting RBs:2-4 Number of Starting WRs:2-4 Number of Starting TEs:2-4 Number of Starting PKs:1 Number of Starting DT:1-3 Num
  4. 12 team Dynasty IDP/PP league just opened.. Let me know.. Thanks https://www50.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/70868#0
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