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  1. You think they will start to advertise on everything or that the owners are hurting that much that they have to do the advertising on the helmet? Hockey teams are so dependent on the gate revenue and with no one permitted to be at games they said all owners will more than likely be loosing millions again this year. Remember that the NHL will be looking to do a new TV deal after this season. Originally, they were talking that the new contract would be double or triple existing deal.
  2. I like this idea. They can have the cities bid on games and charge higher prices for prime time matchups.
  3. What is everyone's opinion on the helmet logos? It does not look to bad on the Devil's helmets. I do not want to see then get like European and KHL teams with them all over jerseys but the helmet does not bother me with simplicity of Prudential's. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/washington-capitals-new-jersey-devils-to-feature-sponsor-decal-on-helmets-this-season/ar-BB1c9zsG I do not know how much they are getting for these logos for home and away games this year but I am all for continuing it into future years to see the salary cap grow. This could only aid the teams finances.
  4. Doesn't Kucherov have to be on day 1 roster and count against the cap before they can put him on LITR?
  5. Great cookie if they are cooked properly using a good recipe. Some people have made some nice rocks at office over the years.
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