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  1. I wrote a whole paragraph about how Mitch Trubisky sucks, and then realized he wasn't under contract.
  2. My picks Top 5 Mahomes - the best qb in the game, even with a broken o line he still made throws nobody else can make, even if they clanged off his wrs helmets Rodgers - if you'd asked me last year I'd have told you that he was closer to the bottom than the top, but an f-u mode Rodgers is like an angry hulk Watson - the only reason Houston has won anything in the past few years Wilson - let russ cook! Allen - the 2nd to 3rd year leap he made was huge. If he keeps it up I can see him moving above everyone not named Mahomes next year Bottom five 5
  3. If the season started today and every team had to go into the season with the qb currently listed on the top of their depth chart who would you say are the top and bottom five starting qbs going into next year. Base this on who you'd pick to lead your NFL team and not your fantasy team. Just for the 21/22 season.
  4. After... All... This... "couldn't care less" is the part you grammar nazi about? You're worse than Wentz
  5. So is Brady. Brees. The mannings. Being more than a statue is a plus but if he shows he's able to make those small steps in the pocket to get extra seconds as a pro he could have a good career. Not saying he'll be a Brady/manning/brees, just that I think he's got what's between the ears to make up for his lack of mobility.
  6. I never got it with Love but I get it with Trask. I don't think he's a world beater or anything but with the right set up he can be a Matt Ryan.
  7. Minshew mania is Rank 7? That's all I need to know to disregard that stat.
  8. Another thing - a lot of top colleges went to spread offenses around that time and nfl teams failed to adapt.
  9. A handful of these guys have one outstanding "talent" (normally arm strength, although as seen in manziel and Tebow sometimes it's running) that blinds a team to their other deficiencies which *cough*blakebortlesandpressure*cough* are /glaring/. As for others, like Mariota, sometimes it's just a constant change in/bad coaching zap any promise. And of course there's injury (RG3, we knew ye once) that can derail any promises. The real answer is, it's a case by case basis. Bad teams picking bad players, good players get stuck in bad situations and regress, never draft a qb who can't handl
  10. Call me crazy but I see a team falling in love with Trask and trading into the very end of the 1st in order to get that 5th year.
  11. This debacle makes me rethink my vote on the most disfunctional franchise thread. Drafting hurts in the 2nd last year was already a questionable move, but not going all in on him after trading Wentz just doesn't make sense in my mind. I understand the idea of saying something like "we want to bring in a vet to push him" due to his age but knowing you have the sixth overall pick and leaving the door open that it could be used on a rookie qb has to be a detriment to his mindset, even if it's a ploy to drive up the price of the pick in order to trade it to a qb needy team closer to draft night.
  12. Guess I'm not one for spectical. I couldn't wrap my head around new way they handled building various city improvements in 6, it was completely different than all the other games. Guess I'm too old.
  13. That's not too terrible. If you had "your guy" fall to 6 I could see swapping out the 22 1st for a 2nd and doing that.
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