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  1. What can you get for Tom Brady in a 16 team 1qb ppr ppfd league? Adam Thielen? Also, how can I kill all my rbs by week 7 every year? Every. #######. Year.
  2. That's for all you oj Howard owners out there
  3. I go where I want when I want. I'm free to steal from all the supply closets because I was never specifically told not to. Just like you've never been told you can't go into a black neighborhood with a high rate of gang activity and yell the n word at the top of your lungs. But you've got free speech, so go do it. You're a bad troll, and it's unfortunate, you could have had fun playing devils advocate with this. Lot's of ways to take it off track. Goddell sucks so we all pick on him. Seriously how has nobody agreed that Goddell is a p~~~y f~~~t yet? That deserves its own thread. And why only Gruden? Who else? Let's throw out crazy theories. Do better buddy.
  4. The titans are a bad team that will win a bad division, like a slightly better Nfc east from last year. It sucks, because it means one of the chiefs, broncos, or Browns won't get in and they're all deserving. As is the current afc division leaders should all find a way into the playoffs. Vegas will crater after this week and the Bengals feel like an outlier, but may find themselves in a wildcard. Don't buy the pats or the shell of big Ben. In the NFC, first of all what an amazing job by that panthers coaching staff making Sam Darnold look like an actual NFL player for those first few weeks. They deserve a playoff birth just for that. Unfortunately no amount of tossing picks at defense will change the fact that Darnold is a scrub and can't win games for them. The saints have the same problem with Jamis, but Payton is doing everything he can to make sure that his qb doesn't throw the ball and it's that strategy which will push them into the playoffs. Bears will fall off, and Matt Nagy will finally receive his walking papers. Chicago will riot in the streets like they've just won the superbowl. Vikings will take advantage and get in the wild card, only to lose in the first round, saving Zimmer his job, and Minnesota will stay inside and dream of warm weather and coaching changes. The tops of the divisions will stay playoff relevant, although the cardinals and Rams will vie for the west title.
  5. Ew, I bet one of the players was conceived to him. Offensive. Rockapella? You know, the guys from Carmen Sandeago (sp) who sang about her? They had an album that was unrelated to the show my mom loved.
  6. Well that one was so obvious I didn't even need to consider it. I hate the two Paul Brothers after that whole thing with the suicide forest. Kept me away from the YouTube boxing. Didn’t know there was midgets and ring girls. Maybe I'll have to check it out. Haha, assaulting females being the end of an NFL career ever! What a great joke.
  7. Hold on... Snoop dog still preforms??? This is the single most surprising thing in this entire thread. I thought the dude just gets stoned and makes commercials with Martha Stewart all day while cashing checks from his albums from the 90s.
  8. He was, but he was also a tweener without an NFL position. I remember Sam specifically because my brother came out around the time of Sam's drafting and despite my brother not being a sports guy at all I wanted to share something from my hobby with him that seemed inclusive and was kind of bummed that Sam didn't have great NFL prospects.
  9. I don't think you know what white knighting is
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