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  1. Jimmy G played roughly less than two of three and a half seasons with sf. Of those games he's had a year of peak Dalton play mixed with upside cousins play and some career backup play. A qb of his caliber could be "the guy" (no capitals) for the 9ers if he could stay on the field with their defense and offensive scheme, but he can't. Now here's another thing - do you want the next possible qb in next year's draft to sit and learn someone else's system in the college game or pick a guy this year to redshirt in your system if you already know you're blowing a three year window draft
  2. Here's my take - The 9ers know they have a super bowl roster with Jimmy g. They know they have a roster, when healthy, that's a perennial playoff contender with Jimmy G. But Jimmy g won't win them a superbowl in his own, or make them yearly superbowl contenders like the chiefs are. The biggest need in sports period is finding the next "Mahomes" the guy who'll make your team a championship favorite for the next ten years. The draft question becomes how much do you want to pay to get the guy who you think does that for you? I do think Lance was always the 9ers guy, he has the highe
  3. Heard this during the draft but bears (he-yuck) repeating - already the best qb Allen Robinson has ever had to play with.
  4. Lots of pre-draft articles need to get written about nonsense that doesn't matter.
  5. They need to draft a qb and not a turnover machine.
  6. Crowder on the jets was a huge ppr cheat code for the 3 or so games before he and Darnold got hurt.
  7. The more I look at Mac the more I think he's a career backup. Can a team turn him into a starter who guides them to a handful of playoffs? Yes, he does seem like a safe qb who can put up 250 yards and a td or two with the right supporting cast around him. Hell that kind of qb can even win you a superbowl if you've got an all world defense and a great scheme, which Shanny might think he has. But you don't trade up for a game manager. I absolutely love deebo Samuel and by proxy have become sort of a 9ers believer, but if they don't go with Fields they're dead to me. You hear
  8. Zed's response kind of gets to the heart of it. Don't draft them if you don't like them. Divest early when you're out on them even at a lower rate just to get some roi. Take another player higher than recommended. Nobody is forcing you to take the wr6. It's your team.
  9. Not me. I'd expect to be privately flown places. If I Decide to become a massage therapist I'm going to be the best.
  10. He was missing his tackles and had said injury in the superbowl and still threw a ball while horizontal to the ground that thread multiple defenders to get right on his man's face mask in the endzone. Of course, his wr dropped it, but he's the GOTM.
  11. Darnold has a chance to become the next after Gase reclamation project, and he's on a number of lists. But considering Allen went from near bottom to top in a season, I agree with you.
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