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  1. Andy cares about two things Designing offense And Hamburgers Things like clock management, running games, and character don't factor into his life.
  2. Probably because I've mostly lived in big cities or states where you basically need to submit a blood sample to get a legal firearm. Didn't see this as much in the few times I've been in gun country, mostly people just handled their situation like it was normal. "Vehicle code violation" is shorthand for driving while black. "Bag with an uzi sticking out" is shorthand for holy eff Clark you're an idiot. When I was in my teens I was an awful driver. Pulled over constantly. But every time I had a black friend in the passenger seat it was much worse than when I was solo or with
  3. Yeah I already said that a few times here. Was just responding to the question of how a routine traffic stop becomes a vehicle search.
  4. I'm going to try to answer this in as politically neutral manner as I can. A lot of people don't know that they can refuse to have their car searched when pulled over. Police can also claim "probable cause" to allow them to search a vehicle, such as saying they smell marijuana. Also if something is in "plain view" it can give them probable cause, for instance if the duffel bag in question wasn't completely closed and the officer saw a gun in it.
  5. Well I've got an irrational love for Hubbard (mostly because his name is almost chubby hubby and that's a great Ben and Jerry's ice cream), but as someone who expected Godwin and deebo to be mainstays on his playoff team last year, I completely see where you're coming from on having solid backup wrs.
  6. I feel the same way about Engram. Not sure I like either of these trades, but if you're expecting wr2 numbers from brown they're both wins for you. That being said, this guy is legal Teflon. Guess you can do anything if Tom Brady is in your corner.
  7. I did mean nfl players/pro athletes, but yeahhhhh I get how that can be taken in a different context. My point there was just that a pro athlete would want a gun for the same reason as any other person. The thing is, I don't understand why guys with multimillion dollar contracts just don't go to a store or a trade show. Going into an empty field in the middle of nowhere and lighting up a bunch of bottles with an uzi sounds like an amazing time! And I've seen them for sale, legally, at a gun show. So, why did Clark get one off the street?
  8. Actually Cole seems like he would want to share his beer so he could get antibodies from Frank's backwash.
  9. I'm assuming you mean why they own a gun period. Well, it's America, some people just want to have a gun on their person at all times. Seems like no matter where I've lived eventually I've always come across some dude in an NRA hat/shirt and a holster on his hip.
  10. I read about these guys having unregistered guns and I can at least understand why they own a gun. But an uzi? A #######g UZI? That you're driving around with? Who does that?
  11. I've loved it since we've implemented it. Like I said above a player like Boyd, who is a clutch third down outlet, becomes a huge value pick that people with a standard ppr mindset overlook. Last year I added Crowder as a throw in to a trade and had him replace Godwin in my lineup for the start of the season. Then of course Crowder got hurt too... F-bomb 2020
  12. The idea was based on trying to make fantasy football more in line with what's important in real football. I think it was inspired by how at the time Patrick Peterson was the best real life cb and yet was worth absolutely nothing in our league, so we went into the rules and trying to add some closer on field correlation. If you think about it there have been goal line backs over the years that have been league winners an inch at a time. Mike Evans last year had a game that was something like two catches for two yards and two tds, which ended up being more points in most systems than players
  13. I'm a big fan of the offense as a whole. Think each wr can have multiple weeks with wr1 numbers, in ppr at least for Boyd. Chase should help Higgins, he'll be taking green's targets and green was cooked last year.
  14. Yeah, I'm stuck in the same situation with Dobbins. Part of the reason the guy sent the trade is a number of my best players are on the final year of their contracts - it's a half ppr and full point for first down so Hunt ended as rb 9 last year - including C Godwin and T Boyd (who had wr1 numbers before the burrow injury with the pp1st) and I can only extend the contract of two of them next off season. My biggest problem is that I'm much stronger at wr than any other position (Godwin, Boyd, deebo, shenault, Meyers) but we're at the point in the off season where nobody wants to move a m
  15. How do you guys feel about this trade I was just offered? My - Joe Mixon (1 yr) Evan Engram (1 yr) 2022 2nd His - Jk Dobbins (4yr) Current other rbs are CEH (4yr) and K Hunt (1 yr) and I've got j hasty, t homer, and ty Johnson on my ts on the off chance any of them end up being useful at some point in their careers. Current TEs are Dan Arnold (1 yr), Gerald Everett (1 yr), and CJ Uzomah (2yr) - so basically a lot of backend dart throws.
  16. There's just so much bull#### I want to OMGERD about here, but I'm going to keep it clean and simply say Well... At least he's got his rap career to fall back on. Amirite guys? Guys? Bueller?
  17. I mean, nothing against the guy, but this is why you never draft a kicker before the last round in the draft - if at all.
  18. You're trying to tell me one of the best qbs in the game... Goes through his reads? Have you WATCHED a football game?!?
  19. SF went to the superbowl with Jimmy g at qb. The only reason they didn't go to the playoffs last year was because their whole team was injured. HC isn't going anywhere.
  20. I've said it above, Sutton isn't a player for this year unless you get him at a discount. A 2022 first (if we're calling Wilson and Murray a wash, which I'd argue Murray has the upside both now and in the future) is worth more to me than Sutton, meaning you're not even getting his discounted price. If it were Murray and a 2022 3rd for Wilson and Sutton I'd call it equal. All in all though, my win-now teams are looking for a player not coming off a lower leg injury with Lock or Bridgewater throwing the ball to him. Especially if I'm giving up Murray.
  21. Just my thoughts in general (from bottom to top, with exception of d Smith) - I'm of the opinion that Sanders fantasy value is about to crater. The new coaches look like they want to install a rbbc and they don't seem to like Sanders. Also, the eagles should still suck this year. Basically, he's last on my list. The eagles stink depresses Smith's value, but I'm a believer in the individual talent and like him when the team gets things sorted out. Sam Darnold is a bad QB. Moore is a player that will be effected by qb play until next season. Tua... I want to believe in Tua.
  22. Harvin could have been amazing, but he never played a single healthy season.
  23. Etienne is on my DND list. Any time someone meantions "Percy Harvin" as a comp for a running back it sends up a ton of red flags. Add in the presence of Robinson and Meyer and that's a backfield I want no part of.
  24. Can I get a price check (draft pick wise) for Chris Godwin?
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