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  1. Who is flexing over the CDC guidance? What were they wrong about?
  2. Huh? You really need to give it a rest. I linked an article to help give some credibility to your argument, but there still isn’t evidence that masks meaningfully impair gas exchange. To be clear, ventilation and pulmonary function are not synonymous with oxygenation. From the same study: So, no data that suggests masks restrict oxygen, but they are uncomfortable when exercising. Also, who did I unfairly denigrate? I’m not the one calling out posters by name, accusing them of smugness, nor am I littering people’s posts with laughing emojis.
  3. I acknowledge we have different perspectives and goals, but don’t think that fully explains the Trump phenomenon. At some point, objective reality/truth needs to enter the equation. While that may not always be possible, there are plenty of examples where flagrant falsehoods are accepted to advance the Trumpian cause. I’m sure that exists on the other “side” as well, but the sheer volume of lies spewed by our ex-POTUS is unprecedented IMO.
  4. I don’t know why otherwise reasonable, intelligent people continue to defend that bozo. The cult of personality surrounding Trump is baffling.
  5. Sorry to offend. To whom do you turn for expertise in managing a pandemic?
  6. As usual, you fail to acknowledge your insulting tone, then compound it by partaking in the exact behavior you condemn. And there is nothing smug about refusing to accept “common sense” as a scientific standard.
  7. If he has sufficient viral burden, he can spread it. In theory, being vaccinated should minimize this possibility, but the threshold for test positivity is low, likely far lower than the amount required for effective transmission. Among other things, the presence of symptoms would increase the likelihood he can spread it. This assumes he has a competent immune system, and didn’t acquire a vaccine resistant mutant.
  8. You should reread my posts then. While I'm certainly an advocate for evidenced-based decision making, I've repeatedly editorialized suspicion with the quality of the science involved in public health and infection control. I'm not a mindless, appeal to authority medbot, oblivious to the politics and biases cooked into expert guidelines. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of people who rely upon anecdote and "common sense" drivel to dismiss recommendations provided by those far more informed on these topics. No one is above scrutiny, but there's been plenty of arrogance displayed by people i
  9. No, this isn't more dismissive "Orange Man Bad" fluff. What he said (I copied the transcript in my earlier post btw) was ridiculous and unwarranted. While I don't think there was real danger of anyone acting on his ideas, at the minimum it was just another display of comical arrogance from the POTUS. But maybe all the researchers were caught in a pessimistic rut and needed him to inject some "outside the box" hypotheses as a reminder to act more like, ummm, scientists?
  10. Not sure why you feel a need to be insulting. I assure you I have the critical thinking skills to understand the difference between scientific evidence and "expert" opinion.
  11. You’re trying too hard. His statements were ridiculous. This isn’t about keeping an open mind to some sort of medical breakthrough. No one expects (or wants) scientific commentary from the POTUS, especially one with absolutely no training/experience in anything remotely related to virology/infection control.
  12. Yes, I found some research to help support your stance. But impairment in pulmonary function and ventilation weren’t due to hypoxia in those studies.
  13. Jerry, you’re better than this. Trump did what he always does, make tangential, rambling insinuations without saying much of substance: While he didn’t point blank advocate injecting bleach, asking about the utility of injecting disinfectant and bringing light “inside the body” is still patently ridiculous.
  14. Sure, it’s miserable exercising with a mask. My only point is, it doesn’t meaningfully impact gas exchange, despite all the cries of masks restricting oxygen. And FTR, I’m not mandating mask use during exercise, or outdoors, unless vulnerable people are packed in close quarters for extended periods. Even then, it’s not entirely clear how much risk is incurred going to something like an outdoor concert. Throughout the pandemic I’ve biked, hiked, ran and climbed maskless. The only time I've exercised with a mask was at work, in a hospital that cares for covid patients.
  15. When one makes up their mind purely based on anecdote, then declares no amount of scientific evidence will alter their stance, it doesn’t really promote meaningful discussion, does it? To be fair, there is little research on face masks and high intensity exercise. I found one review that mentions some impact (though not hypoxia) in those wearing N95 masks or full respirators:
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