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  1. It occurred in a dressing room, and has no mention of Target’s bathroom policy. Not sure what that has to do with transgender anything. But I applaud you changing the thread title to more clearly frame the point you’re struggling to make. ETA The video image of the alleged voyeur looks like a typical middle aged dude in a cap. How did Target’s bathroom policy facilitate walking into a unisex dressing room?
  2. No, the issue, like most, is far more complex. And your links haven’t even answered that question, which isn’t the same as that posed by the OP.
  3. I don’t make a habit of using women’s restrooms, but I do notice they frequently have lines.
  4. People who refuse SARS-CoV-2 vaccination are certainly not a homogeneous group, and many don’t align politically/philosophically with traditional anti-vaxxers. But at this point, they’re functionally the same, and use similar arguments to opt out. Absent mandates which threaten their livelihood, I doubt many will be swayed by safety (or any other) data. I’m happy covid cases are declining, but hope companies don’t become complacent and back down.
  5. It’s not, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a significant subset of political junkies sacrifice more important stuff for their news fix.
  6. Yeah, the premise of the thread is pretty silly, as is the faux outrage suggesting anyone condones rape.
  7. Try cutting that stuff too, and doing something outdoors. You might end up not as well rounded, but exercise and being outside will do a lot more good for your health and quality of life. To be clear, not picking on you specifically, but some people’s identities are far too tied up in politics are current events. We’d all probably benefit from being less plugged in.
  8. How many of those occurred in places with laws permitting transgenders to choose their restroom? How many involved cis men, in places other than restrooms? How does the frequency of those events compare to the frequency of sex crimes in other private settings? How many trans males (or trans females) were victims of violent crime in restrooms over the same period? What do you think about the study @Bottomfeeder Sports posted?
  9. No, they’ll get over the fear of transgender rapists that never materialize, the incorrect conclusion derived from the OP.
  10. Yeah, that sounds horrible. Surely submitted to VAERS and investigated.
  11. Thanks. Still waiting for other info, but like most things, this issue has a lot more nuance than meets the eye.
  12. I think the deadline for ours just passed. Seems like most of the anti-vaxxers caved.
  13. In a different time, those same parents didn’t want their kids sharing bathrooms with “coloreds”, who were also accused of being incipient rapists. They’ll get over it. And FTR, I don’t think rapes will increase, but I responded to allow the hypothetical possibility in IK’s post.
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