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  1. Droplets and aerosols exist on a continuum. Many respiratory infections spread both ways; the balance between the two helps to determine contagiousness. SARS-CoV-2 appears to have a little more aerosol spread than influenza, but the bulk of epidemiologic data still suggests droplets as the predominant mechanism.
  2. I carry my license and one credit card only. Never encountered an insurmountable problem with this strategy, closing in on 50.
  3. It definitely could’ve been a regular accident, but: 1. Single car rollover accidents where the vehicle jumps the median aren’t exactly commonplace. 2. There are reports Tiger almost hit another vehicle earlier that morning. 3. Tiger recently had back surgery, has a history of issues with painkillers and a DUI. 4. Road/weather conditions were good. Short of Tiger admitting something was awry, an eye witness or a positive toxicology screen, what else would raise your suspicion this wasn’t a routine accident?
  4. @Biff84covered it. Allergic reactions haven’t been common. Specifically for you mom, what type of reactions has she had? IgE mediated stuff like anaphylaxis , hives, throat/mouth swelling and neurologic syndromes like Gillain-Barre are most relevant. If she hasn’t had any of those, she probably has no need to worry (even if she has, I’d want to know which vaccine(s) gave her trouble).
  5. Of course not. Where would we keep all the covid? Sorry my joke fell flat.
  6. Oh I misread your first post. Antigen tests are more prone to false results than PCR tests. ETA Glad the PCR was negative.
  7. False positives can occur, but overall the rapid PCR tests are really good.
  8. This is pretty much the result of every well designed trial featuring vitamins/micronutrients/antioxidants. Yet we still have a multi billion dollar supplement industry, endorsed by a bunch of people who don’t trust “conventional” medicine.
  9. The Tetons are certainly awesome, but give me the isolation of Wind River anytime. Climbed Pingora and Wolf’s head a couple years ago, and would love to go back to the Cirque of the Towers. Patagonia is also spectacular. Visited the Argentinian portion but Chile looks great too.
  10. You’re absolutely correct, but you should’ve ignored his (predictable) overreaction to the OP.
  11. Sun Valley Idaho ski trip next month. If that goes OK, probably climbing in Vegas later this spring. And several people lining up to visit us this Summer (on Oahu).
  12. I think the objective risk is small, and suspect speed limits determined using vehicles with modern performance/safety features might be a little different than those set decades ago. At some point human reaction time is the limiting factor, of course, but on a straight, open stretch of dry road with good visibility, why do highway speed limits vary from 55 to 85 mph? Do Texans drive that much better than Hawaiians?
  13. I don’t speed because it saves time. It usually makes little difference. I speed because I enjoy moving fast.
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