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  1. Not 2000+ per day (heart attacks kill ~1000/day, the number one deadly diagnosis before covid reared its ugly crown). And not 2 weeks after they picked up their bad habits.
  2. Yeah, the steepest runs at Vail are frontside, and not really that great. The Bowls/Blue Sky are where it’s at - Steep and Deep and Lover’s Leap are probably the most fun steeper terrain, though they’re fairly short.
  3. Thanks for all the info - first day on the mountain tomorrow
  4. While BMI is far from perfect, most people overestimate what constitutes a “healthy” weight. I despise people who game the system though.
  5. Not sure, but the technology isn’t super complex. If one person’s saturations were consistently lower than another’s using the same device I’d tend to believe it.
  6. Well that makes it less concerning...though asthma alone shouldn’t account for reduced oxygen saturations at rest.
  7. Most of the approved (and experimental) treatments are recommended at pulse ox less than 94%. And even mild hypoxia can be bad news for asthmatics.
  8. I try to empathize, but any time I hear people complaining about masks or “lockdowns” it’s hard not to roll my eyes. I’m sure it’s legitimately rough for some, but histrionics drown out the true suffering.
  9. Eldora is great for a small-medium resort, but too many big resorts off I-70 to pass up. Personally, I prefer Vail. Beaver Creek and A-Basin are also nice, though polar opposites on the froufrou spectrum. I also liked Winter Park.
  10. I bet the crowds are b/c of the Epic Pass. That’s why I’m going. Any secret stashes you’re willing to recommend? Anything to do in Sun Valley besides skiing?
  11. Me too. But it doesn’t have to be in Canada. Trying to convince my regular ski group to fork out the $ before we’re too old to enjoy it. ETA How’d you like J-Hole?
  12. My last day skiing in 2020...had to cancel Park City as covid ramped up. Going to Sun Valley next week. Will be the first time traveling since the pandemic began.
  13. Although cases are dropping, a lot of hospitals are still bursting at the seams - this website is a bit behind, but paints a decent picture how our healthcare infrastructure is faring. Vaccine coverage is also variable by region. Ideally, it would be nice if we approached the herd immunity threshold across the country (50-75% immune) before we really “open up”. Why not just the old folks? The more circulating virus, the greater potential for vaccine resistant mutants to emerge. And international travel will likely require some proof of vaccination or quarantine protocol for the foreseeabl
  14. Droplets and aerosols exist on a continuum. Many respiratory infections spread both ways; the balance between the two helps to determine contagiousness. SARS-CoV-2 appears to have a little more aerosol spread than influenza, but the bulk of epidemiologic data still suggests droplets as the predominant mechanism.
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