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  1. Yeah, I think the dark line is an artifact from the ladder on the rear door. There are other comments that say they see someone digging in the field next to the van. There seems to be someone/thing out there in the video, but it's too close to the van relative to where they found the body IMO.
  2. We don't know with 100% certainty she was murdered, but the police's public statement said the cause of death had been determined. If she died of exposure or something non-traumatic, seems like it would take longer to make a definitive statement.
  3. Oh, it seemed to be pointing to a space between the trees. Not sure how anyone would miss seeing the van, especially with the slowed video.
  4. Nope. As far as masks go, I can't help you interpret scientific literature or understand respiratory physiology. But in your defense, there are a few doctors who share your viewpoint, like Steven LaTulippe.
  5. Yep, and hospitals in some areas are close to the breaking point. HI is a good example, where we're cancelling elective procedures and erecting tents on hospital lawns. Again. This slow-motion train wreck was painfully obvious to anyone watching case counts over the last month. But people want to declare the pandemic is over, because masks are uncomfortable and antivax behavior indefensible.
  6. SARS-CoV-2 mutates more slowly than influenza, and doesn’t exchange/reassort structural genes between species like the flu. So hopefully the booster interval won’t be shorter than flu. Agree we just need to get the viral population to a reasonable level. But that’s gonna take years (decades?) on a global scale.
  7. Sure. And billionaire businessmen are really well suited for US presidency, as they’re used to managing both people and money.
  8. Figured you'd pounce on that. Nonetheless, I'll stick with trusting healthcare experts to formulate pandemic policy, over appealing to the authority of someone who works well with hypothetical datasets, but has no training in the context of those numbers. It's kinda like expecting an athlete to excel in any sport, purely because they have good reflexes. Sure, there are Bo Jacksons in the world, but I'll take a team professional bowlers to roll more strikes, even if there's an occasional gutter ball. Staying in one's lane is exactly what I'm advocating - let people who understand medicine and public health make decisions applicable to those fields. Hubris is believing smart people from any walk of life can outthink those trained in a specific discipline. From what I gather, you haven't even fully reviewed the data, yet are apoplectic that political concerns have trumped actual scientific uncertainty around boosters. And then you lash out at multiple posters for being arrogant and uninformed?!?
  9. I have no idea what you’re talking about, and think you’re reading too much into my comments. To be clear, despite their blemishes, I trust public health officials to interpret data far better than laypeople with little scientific training. I also trust them better than Nobel prize-winning economists. And as far as I can tell, delaying the booster for healthy, younger adults poses little risk, both individually and collectively. It’s hardly a death sentence.
  10. Meh. If you only knew about the true “death panels”, the ones determing the limits of crisis care, because too many “informed” individuals chose not to be vaccinated at all.
  11. Ignoring the irony of you categorizing my posts as diatribes, or anyone acting arrogant, really, I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree.
  12. Saying the third dose is unnecessary for a portion of the population atm isn’t remotely the same thing as saying boosters are useless in perpetuity. Do you guys tell your doctors how often you should take your medications too?
  13. That’s an interesting link and well reasoned on the surface, but there are flaws in his argument. 1. Hospitalization rate is quite a bit lower than 10% amongst doubly vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infection. 2. Infection, hospitalizations and symptomatic illness are not uniformly distributed across the vaccinated population. 3. Vaccine supply is not unlimited. While I have no problem with everyone getting a booster eventually, I also think it’s reasonable to roll it out to the highest risk groups first, as more data is collected. Not sure how we’ve concluded economists and laypeople are better qualified to determine dosing interval than vaccinologists, public health officials and clinicians, either. While individuals should certainly have ultimate control over their medical decisions, that doesn’t give them the freedom to ignore evolving standards of medical care.
  14. Sure. It also doesn’t come close to listing all the bad stuff covid can do which doesn’t land one in the hospital. I don’t know enough to comment on extending the interval between shots.
  15. The one shot argument may be valid, but I don’t think that graphic fully elaborates the risk:benefit of vaccination versus getting covid. For example, how many cases of myocarditis caused by SARS-CoV-2 does the second shot prevent? How many secondary cases of covid in the community are expected to result from each child who is singly vs. doubly vaccinated?
  16. I must have missed it, but has anyone shown booster data for younger adults? Are we talking about the COVE trial, Israeli study or something else?
  17. There is no standardized titer of antibodies that defines protection, nor is there a single best test for measuring them.
  18. I've linked multiple studies in the Covid - Not the Mainstream Narrative thread. Not gonna do it again, but suffice it to say, there's more evidence supporting vaccine induced immunity - to be fair, I haven't seen the "Rockefeller" study. Perhaps more importantly, hybrid immunity (natural infection + vaccine) seems to be the most potent of all.
  19. Antivax healthcare workers are pariahs among their peers, by and large. And none of us care if we are treated like heroes or villains. We just want people to act responsibly, so we can move on from this mess and stop the unnecessary suffering - for both patients and medical personnel.
  20. FYP. Also, even that study suggest hybrid immunity is the best of both worlds. ETA I really should read all the way to the end of the thread before posting.
  21. If someone I cared about was missing, CYA (CMA?) would be the last thing on my mind. I'd want to mobilize the authorities ASAP to help find them, especially if they disappeared in a desolate environment. If they got in a fight and separated, different story. But I wouldn't take the van in that case, because it's in her name.
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