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  1. I am so inconsistent it makes me sick. I have no idea where the disk is going once it leaves my hand. I just know that its not going straight! My best shot by far is the thumber approach shot from 200 ft and in. Love the new flick for that.
  2. I had a buy 2 get 1 free coupon so I picked up a Champion TeeBird, Flick (for hawks and thumbers) and for my free on I went with a Blizzard Champion Wraith 148.
  3. I just started to play and am quickly finding my days consumed with getting as much info about DG as I can. I'm already addicted. I've played 3 rounds now and have went from 20+ to 18+ and 15+ last night. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to focus on backhand or forehand. I'm a lefty, but with both throws, they break from left to right. I feel more confident with the forehand and get a little more distance out of it. Here are the discs I have and what I think about them so far. I have no idea what the numbers really mean, so any help is appreciated. Innova Champion Valkyr
  4. Just picked up 2 Griswold fry pans, a #9 and a chrome #8 as well as a Wagner #7. Paid $50 for the 3 pieces and they are in perfect condition and ready to cook out of. The #7 is perfect for a couple of eggs and smaller stuff, I am using the #8 for fish and the #9 for my main cooking. I have owned a Lodge and it doesnt compare to these pieces. I could not be happier with them.....
  5. Sherlock is on now. Im 30 min through the 1st episode and its amazing! Why only 4 episodes?
  6. I had this on my list for a couple of months now and decided to watch it based on this. I have to say that it was...ummmm.....how shall I say it? UNNERVING! The trip to Las Vegas made was one of the most awkward scenes I have ever watched. That was frightening and yet I couldn't look away.We cut the cable and the nearly 24/7 reality shows. I got my fix here.MUST SEE TV!
  7. What is the name of the doc that was about a guy on death row who claimed he was innocent and the documentary proved it and he was released....
  8. Could be a really dumb question, but, was Faces of Death "real"?For the most part it was. It goes into it a little bit in Snuff.
  9. Just finished a doc called Snuff. I grew up a fan of Faces of Death but this doc took it too a whole different level......
  10. Just watched Cocaine Cowboys. I am convinced that Jon Roberts http://images.allmoviephoto.com/2006_Cocai...cowboys_004.jpg opened up a pawn shop in Detroit after he got out of the drug business! http://www.fancast.com/blogs/files/2010/08/pawn.jpg Looks the same, talks identical, and went from one sleazy business to another.
  11. I like killing flies is a good doc about a NYC Chef who moves location. Guy is hilarious
  12. I believe it is 40 lbs for $19 Wow. I am going to have to poke my nose around on this a bit more. I am gonna have to look at all the ingredients and try to find out what quality and quality control they have for it. If it is akin to something like Nutro, that price point is amazing and prob worth a membership at Costco. I just bought a membership at Costco so I could get this food. I will pay for my membership after 3 bags. So far my dog loves it. Was feeding Taste of the wild and am in the process of mixing and he seems to love it. Stool is nice and firm.
  13. I'm so doing this this weekend since we're going to be snowed in anyway. I messed up my original quote, so make sure you use Flaxseed oil. I'm not even sure if there is a Saffron oil :goodposting:Also, one thing I forgot that was in the article was:Warm the skillet for 20 minutes before applying oil to "open up the pores". Thanks!Did you ever try this?
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