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  1. Anywho, I’m going back to the gym. I should be around for my pick but won’t be able to update spreadsheet.
  2. I’m a big Kenny Golladay fan. That’s not the argument. He’s got talent. We’re just comparing him to AJ Green who has been a superstar from the get go.
  3. Why do people keep saying this? Golladay saw 119 targets last year. Tate and Jones saw 131 targets combined. That’s not even close to playing behind anybody. I’m more concerned about the final 12 games than the first 4 games.
  4. How the hell was he their #3 last year? He lead the team in targets (119), receptions (70), yards (1,063) and touchdowns (5).
  5. AJ Green averaged 9.5 targets per game last year. Kenny Golladay averaged 7.5 targets per game last year. AJ Green > Kenny Golladay
  6. I was helping her reconcile the difference on the trial balance for one of our client's corporate tax returns. Turns out, she was looking at an older version of the trial balance and everything was fine. I'm actually 1 of 3 accountants on staff (the other two being CPAs) and recently received a bump in pay after a successful 90 days. I take the CPA exam next May.
  7. Sorry, was palling around with one of the CPA's in our office. How much time do I have left?
  8. Act like what? If people are going to make jokes and comments at my expense, I'm going to respond. Like the comment I'm responding to right now, you literally quoted me. You and others in the league are initiating with me on a touchy issue and then getting upset when I respond. I'm still mad and the jokes and comments being made aren't making me any less mad. It wasn't funny yesterday and it's not funny now. I'm over it. All I was doing was enforcing the same skip rule that was enforced against me yesterday. You got skipped because you weren't ready. Fair and square. Get over it. A
  9. I'm not ruining the thread. You literally made a comment that was directed at me to which I responded. Glad to know how you would act in a hypothetical that didn't actually happen to you. I would "do the right thing too" if I was skipped in an honest and non-bush league manner. Thanks for calling me a 3 year old girl @psychobillies, by the way. I'm sure to you that name calling me is in no way is "ruining the thread". That's quality posting to you, I'm sure.
  10. I want to move past this. But I want everyone else to, too. Why should everyone else be free to make comments about it, but the guy who's team was actually negatively impacted can't say anything? If everyone else can move on, I will too. But I'm not going to sit here and have people humble brag about what they would have done in a situation they weren't actually in.
  11. It's really easy to joke and act humble about a situation you didn't personally experience.
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