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  1. As a Bear fan and I saw every game last year and I think Montgomery is the real deal. I have to say the issue at the beginning part of the season was not him, Nagy or whoever was calling plays. The issue was the O-line. I think 50% of all the carries half way through the season last year Montgomery was hit in the back field before he got to the line of scrimmage. He will go as far this year as the line will take him. So if the line is better than last year Montgomery will be good. If it is the same it will will be tough sledding.
  2. I get free shipping from Amazon and I don't have Prime. Sure I might wait a day or two longer but I don't need to pay a membership fee to have it tomorrow.
  3. Mine too. I picked him as my first pick this year and he's hurt. I picked Kamara as my first pick last year and he got hurt and was useless all season. No more first round Saints for me.
  4. NFL Network just reported that Trubisky is the starter week 1. 😱
  5. 1. Anubys -- Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB - Chiefs 2. Smak -- Jonathan Taylor, RB - Colts 3. Ment - D'Andre Swift ,RB – Detroit Lions. 4. blips - CeeDee Lamb, WR- ugg a Cowboy 5. MikeMar - JK Dobbins, RB Baltimore 6. gdg76 - Cam Akers, RB LAR 7. MikeMar (from sshedlock) - Jerry Jeudy - WR Broncos 8. MikeMar (from TheSpud) - Jalen Reagor - WR Eagles 9. Chapper - Henry Ruggs III - WR Raiders 10. DTF - Joe Burrow QB Bengals 11. Blips (from Anubys) - Tua Tagovailoa, QB - MIA 12. smak - Justin Jefferson, WR - MIN 13. Ment - Michael Pittman, WR - Colts 14. blips - Ke'Shawn Vaughn, RB - TB 15. sshedlock (from MikeMar) - Tee Higgins, WR CIN 16. sshedlock (from gdg76) - Brandon Aiyuk, WR SF 17. blips (from TheSpud) (from sshedlock) - Antonio Gibson, RB - WAS 18. blips (from TheSpud) - Cole Kmet, TE CHI can't take the homer out of me. 19. Chapper - Zack Moss, RB BUF 20. DTF
  6. Karma - still seems hurt and lacks the burst he used to have Gordon - Doing OK but awful game last week. Will the ride him this week vs Oak? A. Jones - My most consistent RB but going against Min.
  7. Pick 2 WR non-PPR Cooper Kupp vs Dalas #7 vs pass. Not on the field as he is WR3 on the Rams. Gets a TD a game to salvage week. Robbie Anderson vs Bal #9 vs pass. Tough match up but he has been playing well. Emanuel Sanders vs Atl #24 vs pass. Quiet for 3 weeks then blows up. 49ers may run all day.
  8. Nagy has to keep dumbing down the offense for him. Trubisky can't pick it up. He can't even get through his progressions. I think Nagy is a good coach who doesn't have much to work with. Right now as far as I can see Ryan Pace is 0-2 on QB's. He has been really good on other players and the defense is great. Qb's no so good.
  9. With Trubisky at QB it doesn't matter if he is on or off the field.
  10. Alshon is dead to me. I needed 1 point from him to win. He is paper mâché.
  11. Too bad his QB is Trubisky. He would be a top 5 WR with any other QB.
  12. You have a hall of fame QB for what over 20 years? We have not had an average QB for my lifetime (49 years). We are not overreacting, Sick and tired of it. The play calling sucked and the QB decisions were worse. The boos were deserved. It will be many years before we hoist the Lombardi Trophy again. We had hope this year that was crushed tonight in the reality of what the Bears are. Good luck the rest of the season, the Bears won't be in your way. Hope the Vikings are not paper mâché like the Bears.
  13. Same ol' Bears. No QB. This guy doesn't have it. They need to draft someone in the next two year. Only problem is management is sold on Trubisky. He is awful. Bears never had a QB and I dream of the day that will change. The Cubs won the World Series once in my lifetime, I can dream.
  14. Aaron Jones. At the value he was going I'm hoping for big things from him this year (except when he plays the Bears).
  15. The problem is that we don't know what Nagy is going to do. He will not play the starters in pre-season. But I'm trying to see if I can get someone to take Cohen in my dynasty league because I think his targets are going to go down. Too many options to spread the ball around. I'm trying to sell high.
  16. I'm worried about his durability as he got hurt at the end of last season. What is the O line like in Pit? If Ben regresses will that make it harder on Conner to gain yards?
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