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  1. GME trading halted again. Stock price = $69.50
  2. This could be RLFTF's vehicle to Nasdaq uplisting. Acer's stock is up 20% today on the news.
  3. It is good to be a middleman. And the internet has created a bunch of new ones.
  4. I did not know that. So I guess it would be an expansion of Phase III without approval?
  5. Question: Will there be a Phase IV? Cydonites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N9J7PLps_8
  6. The stock price went from $6.01 to $4.25 in a week and went from $5.24 to $4.25 in a day. If it was a shorts, they succeeded. Shorts always buy back at rock bottom because they have to cover. In fact, they create the rock bottom. The stock price always bounces back sharply from a short attack.
  7. That was more likely insiders selling because the trial had already unblinded and they knew trial results were poor. We have no idea what day the trial ended. The December 15th press release just said that the trial was completely enrolled. It didn't say what day the trial had become fully enrolled. The trial might have been completely enrolled on December 11th and the trial would have been completed on January 8th.
  8. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a stock theory expert. But I have become a Covid stock expert. My net worth has increased sixfold since July 13th. Maybe I'm lucky?
  9. Another thing to consider is that we aren't going to be given straight up bad news. Nader will give us spin. It will give you time to get out. When they released the SAE numbers instead of the topline results during the M2M trial, the stock price actually went up initially. So just wait for shenanigans. The beginning of the shenanigans might have been last week's pr about all of leronlimab's other indications.
  10. It was at $2.41 when I wrote that. 3 weeks later it was $1.63.
  11. Do you mean trailing stop or stop loss? Those aren't usually a good idea. Just sell now if you don't believe in it?
  12. Your pestering and nitpicking gets so tiring. I am not 100% accurate 100% of the time. But your example is weak sauce since the stock went below $2.42 half of the days between 11/11 and 12/7. It became a good investment on December 8th.
  13. I said to sell at $2.42 when it had been $1.63 the day before. Between 11/11 and 12/3, it never went higher than $2.71. It hit $2.25 on 12/3. So you lost money over that span. It was not a good investment at that time unless you sold before 12/3.
  14. That was day trade talk which is a 60/40 proposition at best. The day before the stock was at $1.63 so it dropping from $2.42 was the right call even if it turned out wrong. The stock stayed in the mid-$2 range for a month after that. It even went back to $2.25. So you made 0 dollars between November 11th and December 3rd. I have not been 100% right about everything 100% of the time. Is that what you thought I claimed?
  15. I'm not rooting for you to lose money. Chief, I think you are a class act. You have never once been disrespectful toward me. You have never once put a thumbs up on a post where someone mocked me or belittled me. And there have been a ton of them. But the purpose of this thread should be the search for the truth. Should this just be a cheerleader thread like Chet wants where the bad news is hidden? And while I have definitely posted the most negative news, I have also posted the most positive news of anyone. When I come across pro-CYDY articles, I always post them. I am, by far, the most knowledgeable person about this stock. And while I am not invested right now, I will be invested again and again and again. So I'm going to keep studying it even though it is a horrible investment right now. It is so unlikely to get an EUA at this stage. This is a pump and dump stock with all of the red flags. Why are so many of you intent on ignoring those red flags? Why do you want to lose money? Edit: I just noticed that you had put a laughing emoji on my last post. Oh well.
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