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  1. Get ahold of me at Fantrax. I'm getting ready to get banned for life.
  2. RRR is great. Gonna hate to see it move to Jerry's World, which is inevitable.
  3. My cousin and her husband live in Bixby. They both have it. She had to go to the ICU last week because of shortness of breath. Luckily she was released Friday. Still having a hell of a time.
  4. Went to South Bend for the OU game in 2013. Fantastic experience. Helps greatly that OU won. Even so, if you're a CFB fan it has to be on your bucket list.
  5. I make a point of going to one CFB game every year--except this one. It usually involves a plane flight and a hotel stay. To get me to Bears game, you'd have to buy my ticket, drive me to Soldier Field, and pay for my food and drinks. And I'd still have to think about it long and hard before committing.
  6. Blinkin Riley @blinkinriley Steve Sarkisian has experience in the Alamo Bowl, which should be comforting for Texas.
  7. Jamie Carragher: After several years of complaints about unfair treatment of Gareth Bale from Real Madrid, we have yet to see the evidence indicating that Zinedine Zidane was at fault.
  8. And the fact that I actually have a tangible connection to the team/school. The Bears might as well be a division of AT&T.
  9. I told my wife I had to watch every game today since CFB was ending on 1/11 and it won't be back till 9/4. I wrote a check my butt is willing to cash.
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