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  1. Have a funny feeling that I am going to be watching the Election Results very soon
  2. What do you need tonight ?? I need Jamal and A. Amos to get 17 pts more than Goff Ruh Roh
  3. And I benched him1/2 hr before kickoff for Sermon 😭
  4. I have him on the bench with Singletary. Starting Jamal Williams and Sermon Started TySon last week though
  5. Am also taking a 2nd look at Singletary over Sermon and TySon Williams. I think Sermon will prolly see at least double the carries, but less yds/carry. Screw It, Here goes
  6. Seahawks lose NFC Championship game at Lambeau
  7. Wow, no-one in here. I am an hr behind on my PVR
  8. What happened to Martinz. Am following on gameday
  9. That was quick. Hawks look to be over that flu or whatever it was
  10. Got Wilson against Carson & Donnell tonight and we both have a couple tomorrow. I think I need similar #'s to week 5s game
  11. Been following the stats. Guice had 1 carry, then Peterson a whole bunch, then Guide got about 4 straight touches, then injured. No idea what happened. Rodgers had zero targets to WRs until almost the end of the half. TEs and RBS only
  12. No kidding. I have to sit 1 of them to get Jamal Williams in. Really think in about sitting Jamal. Hate to do that. Packet Fan
  13. A 6'5" Red Zone target for Rodgers WAH HOO Are we taking about this year's waivers MVP
  14. Have the choice of Quinn or Cobb so he is IN !!!
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