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  1. I read JP my freshman year in college and looked forward to the movie as well, but not in a younger person wonderment. Also after having already read the book it was easy to tell the difference in story and detail. Still enjoyed it, but in a different way as E.T. Jaws is still a classic as well and my #2 on list.
  2. E.T. I remember packed theaters and the excitement as a kid to watch it. I’m not saying it’s a better film than others, but it stands out for me.
  3. Sounds reasonable to me. I wouldn’t have called the police, but not an egregious response.
  4. I wasn’t sure what you liked so I just grabbed random Austin or Texas based beer. I’m more of a hard cider type, but hazy IPAs like jellyfish are good. Only been in Austin (also Texas) a couple years and mostly pandemic so not too many opportunities to explore everything. Hope you like the rest of the stuff!
  5. I reused the Amazon box that Joe had used to send me shirts & swag. No note.. sorry.
  6. Package delivered this afternoon to the front door in the Commonwealth of PA. 👍🏻 Forgot to include a note!
  7. Here is my score from @Joe Bryant! The Goods! Received some beer, coffee, shirts, windbreaker, & FBG merch. My favorite is the Knoxville shirt! Good excuse to lose a few pounds that I gained in the last year! 👍🏻 Thank you so much.
  8. Hey! I received a great assortment from Joe Bryant yesterday (pics coming tonight) and reused the box to send a package to my stalkee this afternoon! I have the tracking number if you want one. Be on the lookout next week in PA!
  9. Delayed. Will go out this week. Sorry to the stalkee from the commonwealth of PA.
  10. I’ve been busy and haven’t even had the chance to read this thread. Was expecting to see some swag pics already. It appears I’m in the same boat as many. Starting my shopping today! If stalker wants to know.. I like all color of shirts, but black isn’t a favorite. Not into hard liquor. I’m more of a hard cider guy, but any beer is ok. Local swag or treats are great!
  11. I’m always down for local food/treats etc.. Anything really that is from your area.
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