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  1. We rented a RV in October last year to travel from Texas to Michigan to visit the in-laws. It was just my wife and I and our toddler so we had a 26’ RV. Ate our meals when stopped at a rest stop or travel center. We were avoiding people, due to Covid and visiting our son’s grandparents, so other than at our campsites we only got out of the vehicle at gas station pumps. First RV trip and would definitely do it again. We’d spend more time exploring next time. Rental was pretty pricey however. We were allotted a certain number of miles per day. Parked in Michigan for a week so that helped. Actual
  2. There were plenty of water bottles, but no jugs at the H‑E‑B near me in southwest Austin today. Our boil order was lifted this afternoon as well. Let me know if you need anything.
  3. I feel fortunate to have lost power for only 14 hours. Nothing compared to many. Lost water yesterday. Serious lack of grocery options for those in need. Thankfully we have enough in pantry. Looking forward to this weekend and hoping for no busted pipes. Home stretch now!
  4. Under a boil water notice now and within the last couple of hours the water pressure has been reduced. A few people around me have had pipes burst. Still more fortunate than those without power and/or water. Took a quick trip to the gas station market for some non-essentials. Slim pickings and several people doing the same. Grocery stores have long lines and I’m not in dire need of anything to deal with that mess.
  5. Where are you? I’m in the Shady Hollow/Circle C area of Austin and was without for 14 hours. I’ve seen other areas usually around 10 hours or so. Further north I believe it’s been worse.
  6. Just looked at forecast and noticed the wonderful news of more slush coming late tonight. Ugh. Can’t wait for the weekend!
  7. 14 hours off and it just came back! 🎉 We’ll still do our part to conserve, but very excited.
  8. Saw this snippet on FB and be prepared to not have power for awhile. Ugh. Power Outage Info
  9. We're using the stovetop for pancakes this morning. Had to use a grill lighter to light them though. But yes it’s pretty miserable. Wife works at a hotel so depending on how long this goes on we may go that route as well.
  10. From my limited understanding the plan was obviously to have about 40 minute rollovers, but they ended up not having enough power to turn us back on and roll it elsewhere. I’m making some hot cocoa. 🥶
  11. I’m in Austin as well. I’m freezing. 🥶 Wearing layers and multiple blankets.
  12. Thanks. I have heard of the term, but never knew what it was. And it has begun.. Our power is now out.
  13. It’s been interesting to me, since this is really only my 2nd “winter” in Texas, how unprepared everyone is. Clearly because it’s rare to have to be. Not a slight at all. I too had to take my Jeep out with no issues today, but observed a few accidents and vehicles on sides of roads. Most vehicles had emergency signals on and traveling at very low speeds.
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