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  1. I reused the Amazon box that Joe had used to send me shirts & swag. No note.. sorry.
  2. Package delivered this afternoon to the front door in the Commonwealth of PA. 👍🏻 Forgot to include a note!
  3. Here is my score from @Joe Bryant! The Goods! Received some beer, coffee, shirts, windbreaker, & FBG merch. My favorite is the Knoxville shirt! Good excuse to lose a few pounds that I gained in the last year! 👍🏻 Thank you so much.
  4. Hey! I received a great assortment from Joe Bryant yesterday (pics coming tonight) and reused the box to send a package to my stalkee this afternoon! I have the tracking number if you want one. Be on the lookout next week in PA!
  5. Delayed. Will go out this week. Sorry to the stalkee from the commonwealth of PA.
  6. I’ve been busy and haven’t even had the chance to read this thread. Was expecting to see some swag pics already. It appears I’m in the same boat as many. Starting my shopping today! If stalker wants to know.. I like all color of shirts, but black isn’t a favorite. Not into hard liquor. I’m more of a hard cider guy, but any beer is ok. Local swag or treats are great!
  7. I’m always down for local food/treats etc.. Anything really that is from your area.
  8. We (family & friends) have rented cabins on Hamlin for around 20 years as well. Always mid-June before the summer rates. lol Yeah not a whole lot to do. Beside what you mentioned we always make a trip or two into town for House of Flavors, a dinner at Jamesport Brewery, and some pizza from Chuck Wagon. Also walk the pier to the lighthouse. Just a relaxing time. Have a great trip!
  9. I’m headed to Michigan soon for some fishing and family time on Hamlin Lake. Been there many times and always lower Hamlin. Do any locals have suggestions for areas or lure choice? Specifically fishing for largemouth. Also I moved to Texas about 1.5 years ago and have been itching to get on some lakes. I see O.H. Ivie had several Lunker Share catches. I really want to try Lake Fork. Can you rent a boat on that lake or should I just get a guide? Any other lakes Texans love for bass?
  10. My magic number is 9 over. I’m talking about major roads though. Neighborhoods I go speed limit or slightly under depending on conditions. Also, I’ve never heard anyone getting a ticket 3-4 over. Crazy.
  11. I’m sure there will be a new thread for this year’s exchange, but I’m in again!
  12. First vaccine shot. Covid a week later. 2nd vaccine shot a couple weeks later. No noticeable reaction to either shot except for a little sore shoulder and tiredness. Covid symptoms for me were like a 24 hr bug.
  13. I purchased 2021 Willy’s Unlimited in January as well. Upgraded from an Unlimited Sport. Love it. Retractable roof so I don’t have to mess with taking the hard top off. Only been on trails a couple times, but handles great.
  14. I’ll be in Ludington in mid-June and it’s a nice relaxing beach town. Technically I’ll be at Hamlin Lake, just north of there, fishing and family cabin time. My brother lives by Grand Haven and really anywhere around there on Lake Michigan is going to be nice. Coincidentally I have family that lives in Marshall. Not much there. heh
  15. I’m in Austin as well and homes are going in just a couple days. Offers are minimum of 50k over asking price and inspection waived etc.. It’s crazy. I purchased less than 2 years ago and could easily sell for over 200k more than what I paid for it. Where would I go though?
  16. I thought if he got by Bengals Lions either trade down or take him.
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