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  1. Here is the sum of the 3 trades: He Gave: Lamar Jackson, Julio, Kelce, Aiyuk, Meyers, 2021 1st (Jeudy trade), 2021 1st (Kittle trade) He Got: Garoppolo, Ingram, Landry, Jeudy, Kittle, 3.08, 4.08 According to dynasty trade analyzer, he lost by the value of 1.02!
  2. I would have stopped you from trading Lamar Jackson and Travis Kelce for trash. Best of luck This year, you’ll need it
  3. I think this is the only trade you got right that you’ve posted
  4. No kidding. Some of these would have been in the “worst trade offer” thread not that long ago
  5. This is crazy your trades are J-Rediculous! I hope you are on the good end
  6. Meh, Gibson was a Mid 2020 2nd for the most part in my leagues. But your point remains
  7. Ooff... I always feel like if you have to look at a trade from multiple angles to try and make it look not that bad, it’s a bad trade. Too much has to go right for the package side to make this deal worth it. There has to be SOMEONE who would have given a better deal... maybe not. I was in board until I saw no TE required. 1.5 for TE doesn’t move the needle THAT much for me for TEs. There is some obvious TD regression coming for Jones, but a lot of people count him out of GB in 2021, but I just don’t see it. It’s Jamaal Williams who will be gone; I really think
  8. A guy is only worth what the maximum anyone is willing to pay for him. in this case... yikes
  9. Evans is the best player in this deal so I’ve me him. I don’t see Zach Moss as very valuable so this is a random 1st and Boyd for Evans, which I can see both sides but definitely prefer the proven stud
  10. Williams by a lot here. He is the starter right now. A player at 2.11 won’t give you a starter today. There’s a low chance you find one who will eventually end up a starter, but there’s a big drop off in talent at about 2.6 or so. Sure CEH is there and he should eat into Williams’ share, but what if the masses are wrong about CEH. What if the whole “worst 1st round RB profile in a long while” people are right? You then just bought the starting RB for KC for 2.11, which is likely a bust anyways. what a great buy
  11. Yes if your roster needs a major turn over this is the best way to do it. I agree that this draft has more talent than others in recent memory, so it’s a good draft to keep your picks in. I do believe there will be more hits. At the end of the day you at least have to like the guys on your roster and this is the best way to do that
  12. Thanks for your response. It actually sways me a little to hear your reasoning. In whole, I may agree that you came out on top, but it would be interesting to look at this a year from now when those rookie picks are either hits or duds. I am not very high on McLaurin being a top WR. His situation got better by nothing happening in the offseason as far as Washington not adding any WRs. The fact that they were rumored to be in the Amari Cooper sweepstakes makes me wonder if they see McLaurin as a bonafide WR1 in their offense. What happens if they add a guy like JuJu next year? But, I am no
  13. Between these 2’and your other trade with Harry I feel like you are unnecessarily making this team worse. You could have had Harry, Chark, CEH/Taylor and instead you have 1.06 (Dobbins?), Dionte Johnson, Hines, McLaurin, and a 2021 1st I feel like Mahomes, CEH/Taylor, Chark, Harry is a good base to build around, but that’s just me. For me, you sold 2 WRs with higher ceilings for 2 WRs who are over hyped. If you were taking CEH 1.01 then I do like the plan to sell and maybe get Dobbins at the worst, and a 21 1st. Hope it works out for you
  14. I like both of those trades for you. People are down on JJAW for good reason but considering Peterson said Reagor would sit behind Jackson and assume his role eventually, that means JJAW May have first crack at the Jeffery role. Too early to give up on JJAW. He played through a pretty serious injury last year where he couldn’t walk during the week.
  15. 12 team PPR Gave Henderson, Scott, and a 2020 3rd (the 3rds original owner had 1.01 this year) Got Higgins my trade partner owns Akers and Sanders
  16. I would probably still take Gallup and the 1st. It changes how much its favored to Gallup, as Gallup =/= Andrews with a start 1 TE. Dynasty trade analyzer has this in favor of Gallup+1st by the value of 1.08
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