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  1. 8 minutes ago, Joe Bryant said:

    Another big thing is knowing when to admit you were wrong. I was not high on Cam Newton in the preseason. I was not totally sold after Miami. After Seattle, I'm all in. One might call that a yo yo. I call it not being so rigid you can't change an opinion.

    Is it preferable to make the right call the first time and not have to change? Absolutely. It helps me avoid all the "You're just chasing stats" feedback. When the reality is it's not chasing stats but seeing new information with live action in a real game. :shrug: It's how it works. It's been my experience the only thing worse than missing an early prediction is failing to recognize new information that requires an updated prediction. 

    Hi Joe- I think your take here is just fine, but I think what’s being talked about, using your example, is if next week this time you’re saying you’re back to not being sold on Cam Newton.

    Its one thing to have an amendable opinion and to not be stuck in take lock, but it’s another thing to flip flop completely almost every week with the change in the wind

  2. This is been mentioned in the past and something I’ve seen too. I usually skip the commentary as it rarely has any meat to it. What you’re suggesting (we may have been rash) has also been suggested in the past. Based on the response then, you’re dreaming if you think they’d ever offer some kind of a “we might have been wrong” statement.
    This is very much a “pay for what you get” situation. 

  3. My predictions:

    CEH finishes as RB8 or lower. Not as high as some here have him

    Diggs finishes top 12 as his position as well as Josh Allen 

    By end of year JK Dobbins is the starter in Baltimore and averaging top 15 points thereafter he takes over

    Edwards is the SOTD for rookie drafts and finishes just outside of the top 24, anointed as the 2020 McLaurin

    Haskins doesn’t finish the season as the starting QB

    Jalen Hurts finishes the season as the Eagles starting QB

  4. 23 minutes ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    I think Tom Brady finishes somewhere between quarterback 12 and quarterback 14.

    The teeming masses seem to have him top five. I think he Is QB9.

    Hi Hot Sauce Guy, I’m Johnny. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and B Goode. I apologize to you and others who have had to deal with some childish behaviors from me. Haven’t been in a Goode place lately but that’s not anyone’s fault here. I will try to disagree more respectfully and contribute in a positive way here on out. I appreciate the 2nd chance. 


    with all due respect, this doesn’t make a lot of sense if you have him 9 but also think he finishes 12-14. I agree with you, however, that he is in the 9-14 range, probably closer to 10-14

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  5. Just now, jantoniosus said:

    I was just going to post something like your post about Robinson.  I also found it interesting that Thompson was quoted stating that Robinson has the best vision of the backs there.

    So between the coach and a competing teammate, is there something here?

    Maybe for 2020 and might be for 2021. Peyton Barber was a lead back at one point and he was worthless. I don’t expect Jacksonville to be in a position to run the ball much. Probably decent trade bait for someone who might think 2021 is a better scenario, however I won’t put a lot of stock in an oft injured rob and two UDFAs for a long term solution in that backfield 

  6. 1 hour ago, wgoldsph said:

    Can we please put this idea to rest?  KC doesn't ask their backs to block, they want them to run routes.  That's one of CEH's specialities.

    KC runs the ball 4 times in the first half then grinds out in the second half to preserve the win. The issue is if CEH will be on the field for that part or not. At this point no one knows however he is the rb1 there so we can presume he is a great chance at getting many of those carries

  7. 23 minutes ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    Good to hear - I invested a lot to acquire him in a Superflex dynasty, paired with Mahomie, as I only had Carr & Brady, one of whom is super meh, the other is aging out rapidly at 43.  Hoping that young duo keeps me set at QB for many years. 

    Awesome! Thanks for the update. I was curious 👍

  8. 1 minute ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    I went top 4 at only one position, but there are  quite a few guys I liked in the $20-25 range.  It's a challenging contest for sure, and I've taken a significantly different approach from last season. I was way too thin at way too many positions and kind of top-heavy - which was great if I had a good week by a few guys and no-so-great if I didn't. 

    While I'm still a little light at 23, and may try to re-work it so I'm at 24 or 25, I do think I'm getting close to my final. It'll be such a relief when the season starts and lineups lock so I can finally stop tinkering. :lol: 

    Business must be slow

  9. 3 minutes ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    Nah, you’re the same troll you’ve been for the last 3 pages while I’ve ignored you. I shall continue to do so. 

    You go from saying how great Rojo is and TB wouldn’t sign him ever because all reports out of TB are great for Rojo and Brady likes him and so does Arians. Totally confident in that take, even went as far to say Rojo > Fournette. Then, once you’re proven wrong and TB does sign him, so much for that confident take, you’re wavering and hemming/hawing over who might emerge. Why anyone takes you seriously is a mystery. Your wind blows strongly in the direction of whomever you’re invested in but changes on a dime. Either your confident in your takes or you’re throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. Can’t be both. Waiting for you to eat the crow you said you’d eat just about 45 min ago

  10. 2 minutes ago, Milkman said:

    Two totally different situations. Fournette wouldn't have signed there to be RoJo backup. He signed there because they told him he's the starting RB for them as soon as he gets up to speed. He's playing for a contract. 

    Yes. Washington didn’t sign to be a starter. And they drafted CEH after they signed Washington so his comparison is t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e

  11. 12 hours ago, hispeedthinmint said:

    Has anyone seen any CEH trades in PPR dynasty yet? Curious on what I can get for him...

    Trade finder: 
    CEH for Hock, Conner, 2021 1st

    CEH for Sanders and Jarwin

    CEH for Drake and Golladay

    CEH, Washington, 3rd 21 for 1st 21, Sutton, m lee

    CEH for 1.05, 1.07, 2021 3

    CEH, Minshew, armstead for Mahomes, McFarland, deebo


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