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  1. 5 hours ago, ZWK said:

    PFR has it by game. AJ Brown was on the field 53% of the offensive snaps for the first 8 games and 84% for the last 8 games (and 91% for the playoffs).

    91% in the playoffs... and he did so well

  2. 5 minutes ago, domvin said:

    All Vandelay essentially said is he hopes Tannehill gets some garbage yards and garbage scores leadi g Brown to higher targets, catches, scores.


    Yes, he said through inefficient qb play.

    For me....i dig when my qb is down 21 to 10 and hoping for some more passing yards.    Don't care if it's bc of fumbles by a rb, a pick six, or special teams tds.

    Carry on for 2 more pages

    I actually saw him saying we should hope Tannehill plays poorly... but sure we can call that garbage time 

  3. 36 minutes ago, Vandelay said:

    Whats more likely...the team with fewest attempts in the league passes more, or less?

    I don’t know but if we are going to speculate that the defense is suddenly worse or Henry is going to get hurt we can also speculate that the defense is outstanding and Tannehill could get hurt

  4. Yeah, the problem with suggesting issues is that some tend to get on your case about it as if you are saying “because of this, the prospect will bust.” It’s always just a piece of the puzzle. Some prospects have more concerning pieces than others. Some don’t think it’s even a piece and that’s their choice. I think people tend to get too defensive when they are invested into a particular player, with an opinion or shares in fantasy football. I tend to side with CEH being more risky than he is being made out to be by many. The least risk running back for me is Dobbins, actually 

  5. 8 hours ago, Zyphros said:

    @wgoldsph Hines isn't a threat to me.  To simply answer your question is that yes I see Damien Williams as more of a threat than Hines.  For example if CEH isn't any good at all, can't get on the field and sucks, Damien is the lead guy.  If Taylor sucks Mack is still the lead guy, not Hines.  

    If I look at them side by side from my evaluations, Taylor is 2x the prospect that CEH is in pure talent.  Landed in arguably just as good a situation as CEH and takes over as the dominant RB role, IF he's good.  CEH doesn't do that.  He fills a pass catching role in a high powered offense with the possibility of more.  The touches are more built in to Taylor than they are CEH's.  Even though catching passes is worth more.  That's why I think he's clearly the #2 rookie, but the security of Taylor edges him out for initial value.  I do think Taylor eventually falls off like I mentioned earlier in this thread and he'll eventually be beaten out by pass catching RB's for value, but as of now, going into the league and a dominant college profile, he's much safer.  

    When we draft rookies we are drafting profiles. Taylor has an elite profile. CEH does not. It’s that simple to me

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  6. 22 hours ago, Vandelay said:

    Are people still using slot responsibilities as some sort of negative against a receiver for fantasy purposes?  I WANT my guy to get some slot duties.  You get a nickle corner and the whole field is open.  

    If I had to bet on who the most valuable rookie WR is this time next year, I'd put 85% of my money on Jefferson.  Cousins is going to latch like a newborn baby.

    I find myself disagreeing with you often and this is no exception. I’d 100% take the field in this scenario

  7. 17 minutes ago, Anarchy99 said:

    Patriots.com writer does not view situation as an endorsement of Stidham. He theorizes that NE didn’t see anyone better than Stidham in the draft. But he cautions that that doesn’t mean they are sold on Stidham, but they just couldn’t get someone else they might like better. Essentially, the writer feels they like him the best of the available options but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are sold on him. 

    This is funny

  8. 24 minutes ago, Balco said:

    That’s a great fit for both. And if Stidham falls flat on his face, I can definitely see that. Only issue is I think Pats are tight against the cap.

    They actually have a lot of room in 2021. They would have room this year if it weren't for dead cap


    Can you imagine Rodgers changing plays for BB and McDaniels...

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  9. Just now, Slapdash said:

    He very well could be, but the Colts also didn't lose an opportunity to compete now to get him.

    While I love the Taylor pick, one could have said that they invested enough at RB over the last 3 drafts, and that Taylor wasn't needed. It's not much different than GB spending a 2nd rounder on a RB with Jones... 

    Not defending GB's draft, just the difference between Eason and Love is pretty big... much bigger than your OP made it out to be (IND did not get a round 1 talent in round 4...) Although I do agree IND is setting themselves up to win this year much better than GB...

  10. Just now, GroveDiesel said:

    Is he? I honestly know basically nothing about him other than the quick Googling I just did and it seems like the analysts weren’t really enamored with him. Basically said his only route is the go route, that his hands are pretty bad with a ton of drops, struggles to gain separation, runs poor routes, struggles against press coverage, etc. 

    As a Bills fan I’m struggling to get excited in any way about this pick.

    I liked him as a later round WR. I think he has a good role in that offense, and helps protect Diggs. He won't be a fantasy target, but of all the WRs left he was my favorite. 

  11. Just now, -OZ- said:

    :shrug: I have no idea.  Just saying he's fallen bigly from where I thought he'd be 7 months ago.


    7 months ago I would have said Fromm was a 2nd round QB. 3 months ago I'd say 4th or 5th. He fell pretty badly. A year ago I recall seeing a "too early" mock on WalterFootball that had Fromm as one of the top QBs in the class. Tua obviously #1, Herbert #2. I think Fromm was considered #3 at the time... 

    He certainly fell pretty badly, but he did have a pretty horrible senior season. If his landing spot is pretty good he may be an UDFA target for me (maybe TB?)

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  12. 21 minutes ago, Slapdash said:

    Starting?  How he transformed that offense for the Foles run never seems to get enough attention.

    Eason is a great pick.  Indy in contention for best draft.  Note to Green Bay:  This is how you plan for a veteran QB.  Picks to help the offense now, talent to groom for later.

    While I don't love the Love pick, this deserves a :blackdot:to see which QB has the better career. Eason is a career backup IMO

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