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  1. 38 minutes ago, Balco said:

    And I will pretty much guarantee this is Aaron Rodgers’ last season in Green Bay.

    After reflecting (stewing) on the draft and picks it’s obvious - Gut and Coach Lafleur don’t believe the team, as constructed, is a super bowl contender (I completely disagree). With that in mind, they are drafting for future, including getting players for the offensive scheme Lafleur prefers.

    Its a new era Packers fans. I’m nervous and excited, let’s hope Love and his immense talent can be developed. Now the team needs to focus on identifying young core players and extend them. Kenny Clark should be extended immediately. I absolutely love him but Aaron Jones should be allowed to walk next year, just can’t afford to pay big $$$ to a running back in today’s NFL.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if Rodgers demanded a trade. It's possible but I doubt it. I can see Rodgers playing 2 more years and saying he's either done or wants out. I'm not sure he wants out after this season. It's also possible the organization is tired of his #### and wants to trade him at some point. I believe that more than him wanting out. PR nightmare to trade him without making it seem like HE is the villian/wants out first. Step 1- draft his replacement high...

    2. Why would they spend on FA last year if they didn't believe in this team? I guess maybe they saw what happened last year, didn't like it (from a "team dynamic") and are now retooling the roster?

    3. Yes, if Jones wants big money let him walk. I actually like Dillon a lot. Reminds me of a much less fast Henry. Don't like the pick, but I'd feel good with him next year. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Ksquared said:

    For all the "GB was just lucky last year and not as good as their record", then why have they drafted 3 backups if they are really that weak of a roster.  You cannot not logically argue both.

    Sure you can

    It's possible for the Packers to have been a pretty bad 13-3 team last year AND screwed the draft, right? 

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  3. 1 minute ago, barackdhouse said:

    Yeah going to go ahead and burn the house down on my 4 shares of Henderson. I absolutely think he carves a small role, but he now reeks of a guy that ultimately makes my regular season roster and then I drop him week 6.

    I fully expect to drop him when the time comes, because if Akers hits then there is likely a small role for him but nothing worth holding onto. Probably a handcuff for the Akers owner at best, if Akers is a hit. I'll hold for now and see how things go. I have large roster sizes

  4. 3 hours ago, Dr. Octopus said:

    Well there’s no way to spin this but bad for Henderson. He has a chance to hold off Akers and carve a role - but this was not an endorsement and Akers is a good back.

    I won't spin it as good for Henderson. Of course it's not. They wouldn't have drafted any RB if Henderson was going to be the guy. Akers is the most raw RB of the top 5 picked. He is a converted QB. He is terrible at pass blocking. He has a lot of warts and, I believe, Waldman was the one who said he would be in a RBBC or backing up to start. It's still very possible that Henderson has a role in this offense. 

    Yes, it would have been much better if they never picked any RB, but I wouldn't be ready to write off Henderson just yet.


    Do people expect each of the top 5 backs to hit? I don't. There are some obvious signs toward who may be the busts of the group... 


    The issue is I don't think either back will give you much from a fantasy perspective. Too many holes on this team. Not sure the direction they are going. I, for one, never really liked Akers and think he's the most likely to bust of the top 5, 6 backs. That bodes well for Henderson if that's right. However, a lot depends on Henderson to right his ship, take the role, and don't give it up. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, sho nuff said:

    The why is that Jones is on his last year...will want something close to what McCaffrey got...RB was going to be picked...

    Don't like it there with the LB options and even some of the WRs left...

    Not what I heard... but if he has priced himself that high then Dillon is a fantastic pick. 

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