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  1. Forgot about Baun!! GB is perfect... fall fall fall! Would make up for the Love pick
  2. Mims or Gandy Golden to GB? Not sure I like GG in GB... they don't do well with WRs with hyphenated last names
  3. Van Jefferson... Bad break out age... strike one Bad dominator rating... strike two Senior WR (5th year Senior at that)... strike 3
  4. Even if you do want to do some gimmick stuff... Taysom Hill was an UDFA... you don't burn a 2nd round pick on that
  5. Doug scrolling through Twitter and wondering if he can change his pick
  6. Not very worried about Akers. So raw and can't pass protect. JK is a ground and pound. Henderson would be the PPR guy. It wouldn't kill his value but would put him in a committee situation dependent on catches
  7. I was told there was no way Baltimore would take a RB. They have Gus Edwards and Hill... honestly, that's what I was told. I think he was serious
  8. You and I both know it'll be LAR and our Henderson stock is worth nothing. Even though LA has way too many other needs.
  9. None of them do what Sutton does. Maybe Fant. But you are approaching this from a total targets standpoint instead of what role each player fills
  10. He was a throw in on a deal of mine. I think I ended up trading 3.07 for him
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