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  1. Sutton did better with Sanders active. Having another WR on the outside is great. I don't really get the Hamler trade. Sutton's value certainly doesn't go down... We've seen teams draft 2 WRs as early as a year ago, and in both circumstances 1 of those WRs is irrelevant today.
  2. If ATL takes Dobbins, that's another excellent spot but probably have to wait until 2021. I'm okay with that.
  3. Funny, I couldn't give Lock away this offseason and last year. Guy might end up as one of the best QBs in last year's draft
  4. Stays. Jeudy is a slot guy. Hamler is an outside guy. Sutton will get his IMO. I think Hamler hurts the most here
  5. Hoping someone trades up otherwise its very plausible LAR takes Dobbins...
  6. I hope 1.01 in my one league thinks the same. Will be great to get 2 of Swift, Taylor, Dobbins
  7. If Dobbins goes TB it will be real hard for me to rank 2-4... Taylor is my 1.01 by a lot right now
  8. Eventually they will have 32 and a team will have to come to them to get a good one, right?
  9. If TB drafts Dobbins then this top 4 is really a mashup!
  10. Both Swift and Taylor had great spots. this makes 1.01 more confusing I think. Taylor should be 1.01, then its Swift vs CEH right now
  11. Taylor is the new 1.01. Behind that OL. That will be FANTASTIC
  12. but but but… Indy wasn't going to take a RB in the high 2nd
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