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  1. “Added you to my ignore list” in 3, 2, 1...
  2. Last year it was Montgomery and Michel. It’s RoJo this year.
  3. Because off-season/preseason hype is always truth Every Seattle player is having a career year guys. Every report out of camp was positive
  4. Because his salary is 4 mil if a team does either of those. Letting him pass through waivers means you can pay him 2-3 mil and not have to lose a waiver spot or a draft pick. Guys are almost never claimed on waivers. Don’t be so obtuse
  5. It’s always interesting and entertaining to watch the bias from fantasy GMs when they are invested in a player
  6. Honestly Fournette wouldn’t be sending CEH to the bench but it would be enough to irritate both owners and torpedo the value of both. They each may be RB2s but that’s not what they were drafted to be 2 days ago
  7. This is wrong on so many levels. A labrum tear of any kind is a huge deal for a wide receiver.
  8. Read my mind. This would be absolutely hilarious but a great fit considering CEH’s short comings
  9. Kareem Hunt was in the same situation as Vaughn and he was offered as an example why CEH isn’t risky
  10. Well, you say CEH isn’t risky because a rookie rb had previous success in the offense. I gave you a second example but you say no to that one. Just seeing if you are consistent in your reasoning.
  11. Are you suggesting a rb drafted in the 3rd round can’t finish as a RB1? the point is a rookie is risky no matter who it is and where they are drafted. Kareem Hunt was a day 2, 3-4th string RB we thought would barely see the field, and how did he do?
  12. David Johnson had a pretty good rookie season in Arians’ offense. Would you draft Vaughn as a top 8 RB if Jones got hurt?
  13. I wish he’d interrupt the other hosts more and talk about CEH more
  14. Kingsbury said he wants to design the offense around Dan Arnold. He is the pass catching TE there. Of all the TEs mentioned I imagine he finishes highest compared to his ADP
  15. Yes, it was the rotounderworld one. I confirmed this recently
  16. Fantasy footballers just had him in an episode and had some interesting things to say. They are usually down on cardinals players to not be homers. I think he is going to be fun to watch. I own him everywhere
  17. Logan Thomas is the one no one is talking about but may give you solid production all season, and he’s free
  18. So you’re predicting a rookie will be a top 10 TE? Do you know how often that has happened?
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