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  1. 1 minute ago, Milkman said:

    Lol wat? Rojo was nearly cut his rookie year. Then he played well last year. Good job on him improving.. This narrative that he's obviously better than Fournette is bizarre though coming from you. It seems to me you are emotionally attached to RoJo. Agree all this could very easily be smoke. Totally agree with you on that but, and it's a big but, if they bring Fournette in on a team friendly deal you better believe they told him the job is his. He wouldn't sign on a team friendly deal if they didn't. If RoJo outplays him sure he'll be toast but they sign him that means they think he's better. I'm betting if Fournette lands there that's what happens too. Fournette is not playing 3rd downs. He's coming in to play 1st/2nd down and GL. 


    Last year it was Montgomery and Michel. It’s RoJo this year. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:


    2. The Jags couldn’t even get a 6th rounder for Fournette

    3. not 1 NFL team places a waiver claim on him. If they had, he’d be on a team. 

    Because his salary is 4 mil if a team does either of those. Letting him pass through waivers means you can pay him 2-3 mil and not have to lose a waiver spot or a draft pick. Guys are almost never claimed on waivers. Don’t be so obtuse 

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  3. On 8/24/2020 at 5:42 PM, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    Labrum isn’t that big a deal, depending on how bad the tear is, and whether it caused any instability.

    a complete tear can lead to subluxation or (in my case) dislocation. But a partial tear is sore but not debilitating. 

    This is wrong on so many levels. A labrum tear of any kind is a huge deal for a wide receiver.

  4. 5 minutes ago, King of the Jungle said:

    This would blow the internet up.....

    Matt Verderame


    My understanding is the Chiefs have potential interest in Leonard Fournette now that he's cleared waivers. The money would need to be right as he'd be backing up Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who has impressed considerably in training camp.

    Read my mind. This would be absolutely hilarious but a great fit considering CEH’s short comings

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  5. 2 minutes ago, RJS113 said:

    Right, because a 1st round pick that is going to be a workhorse back for a top offense, and catch a ton of passes, should be compared to a 4th string RB that will barely see the field. 

    Are you suggesting a rb drafted in the 3rd round can’t finish as a RB1?

    the point is a rookie is risky no matter who it is and where they are drafted. Kareem Hunt was a day 2, 3-4th string RB we thought would barely see the field, and how did he do? 

  6. 6 hours ago, RushHour said:

    I rarely listen to it anymore, but I do find it enjoyable from a humour standpoint. The content is pretty ordinary though - mostly just Rich bragging about how he's right all the time on all these players. Gets a bit tiring, especially when you know he's not any kind of scout. 

    I wish he’d interrupt the other hosts more and talk about CEH more 

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  7. 57 minutes ago, DirtyCashDylan said:


    Dynasty Nerds - Lots of filler but I genuinely enjoy it. Best dynasty podcast quality wise in terms of chemistry and content imo. Lots of podcasts have good info but I just can't sit through them whereas I could listen to these guys in a non football podcast. 



    Can’t stand Rich at all

  8. 1 minute ago, Respect the TECH said:

    I agree on Dan Arnold.   He is the best catching TE the Cardinals have plus Kingsbury and Murray have been praising him like crazy.  Kingsbury runs a passing offense and it will only increase this year.  When Kingsbury talked about Drake he talks about his increase role in the passing game.  This is a passing offense and I think Arnold will benefit along with Kirk with the presence of Hopkins. 

    Kingsbury said he wants to design the offense around Dan Arnold. He is the pass catching TE there. Of all the TEs mentioned I imagine he finishes highest compared to his ADP

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  9. 7 hours ago, Ilov80s said:

    You must be thinking of a different show. Fantasy Pros has no profanity and sells it’s  self as very PG. The only profanity was off the air as one of their long time hosts got busted for sexually harassing women online and was fired a couple weeks ago.

    Yes, it was the rotounderworld one. I confirmed this recently

  10. 1 hour ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

    Really deep, the lottery ticket for me is Logan Thomas. Measurables and flashes in the past, sure. But he has a big opportunity on a team with little else at TE and not much more at WR besides McLaurin. Sims seems good but it remains to be seen if he’s the real deal. Turner loves PA passes and Haskins loves throwing down the middle of the field, and has developed a rapport with Thomas this training camp. I could see Thomas as a freakishly athletic seam-buster on a team that will be looking for an identity, and the coaching staff hand-picked him (at a cheap price of course) and have raved about his work ethic and abilities now that he’s had a chance to show them what he’s got in person. 

    All the usual caveats about Haskins, a bad OL, a team who will try to ride a good D and strong running game, etc. apply...but the guy above is correct. Logan Thomas is free if you can afford the cost of a roster spot. 

    Logan Thomas is the one no one is talking about but may give you solid production all season, and he’s free

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