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  1. lol yeah keep running cook. Its a bold strategy Cotton...
  2. learned my lesson. just hoping kyler and mixon and kupp get me enough!
  3. yeah bummer. luckily my opponent crapped his pants so I may be okay
  4. running in general is no good. They need Kirk to throw to win
  5. Has any Montgomery owner complained about Montgomery's use yet?
  6. congrats Hes getting a lot more action. the TD helps. Cant believe he was being droppes in dynasty leagues
  7. I can't afford a pontential bust from him today. benched
  8. Ive got Hockenson to put in if he sits but i like preston more Godwin is a major redzone threat kf he plays and TB stands to pass a lot
  9. Anyone benching this guy? Considering benching for Preston Williams, since he goes earlier anyways
  10. When you are 32nd in the league in attempts, should anyone really care who the wr3, 4 or 5 is?
  11. i think most of us are happy he isnt like eli manning
  12. i am not saying knox isnt good. im saying hock is a better option this week
  13. Being a major piece in a gameplan is different than catching a random TD
  14. Hockenson has 6 more targets on the year than Knox and has a much more favorable matchup. Knox only plays about 50% of the offebsive snaps. Good luck with yoir decusion
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