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  1. and I am the one who gets called out for trolling
  2. "man goedtert was wide open, what terrible defensive coverage" eagles d- "hold my beer"
  3. gb offense looks same old same.old. mike mccarthy... i mean aaron rodgers... still calling plays. no passes to the rb. feed everything to adams.
  4. I was told Peterson used RBBC because he never had a back as good as Mikes Sanders
  5. I didnt realize that. I thought all were 15. Learn something new
  6. Rodgers is thought of as an elite QB in fantasy circles but he just isnt one. great NFL QB but just not an elite fantasy QB any longer
  7. agree... i liked the idea of the rule but it was too subjective
  8. 2 face masks and two helmet to helmet hits in 4 drives...
  9. i love fantasy footballers and the SP. create a mystical injury
  10. i thought it was on alshon. that seemed opi to me
  11. i even rewound the game... he was not churning up field. he was being pushed backwards a few yards. watch it again
  12. bang bang play... sure... after the whistle when he is stood up... going backwards. youre watching a different game
  13. i tell you what doesnt seem fun, being hit in ths head on a cheap shot immediately after watching yoir teammate getting a no call on a helmet to helmet hit
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