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  1. ... except the helmet to helmet on the first punt of the game. otherwise sure...
  2. the only way philly can win. theyre getting desperate
  3. not wishing anything. Saying Wentz is going to get beat up by a D that brings it, and he has a propensity to get hurt, so i think he will. Geez... put words in my mouth
  4. Packers D is somehow still under rated. Its a top 5 defense easy. Wentz unfortunately gets hurt tonight and Packers D succeeds in giving up less than 20 points yet again
  5. I'd say it's Dismattle under a different name but he used punctuation at least
  6. often your crowd accuses eagle fans of having hater goggles on. just returning the favor, even though im.not an eaglea fan
  7. Am I missing something...? I realize that no one is paying what Corey Davis is worth on any trade calculator/value chart, but i just had Davis for Chris Thompson declined, from a team who will not make the playoffs but isnt one of the top 3 worst teams (thanks to zeke). That's crazy to me... I would at least take a shot for a 28 year old oft-injured-soon-to-be-FA RB... . Maybe I'm nuts idk. This league has 28 man rosters... ETA: He also only has 1 draft pick (1st rd) but has major jeeds at every position. /rant
  8. Value probably cant get lower. offered him straight up for Chris Thompson as I have a major rb need. declined. Guy has some serious needs all over (example: andrew luck victim... hes between keenum and mariota now). but be damned if he doesnt hang onto Chris Thompson for the year #worstleaguetotradein #neednewowners
  9. no worries. will try the laptop later. it looks right up my alley (stat head)
  10. Assistant coach forum may have been a better place. if everyone poated their completed redraft trades in here it would be chaos. coukd have even posted in the dynasty inseason trade thread and just specified that it was redraft.
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