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  1. idk why, but i cannot get this to work for me. The first link takes me to Olsen and wont let me search anyone else. The second link is stuck on a page that says click here for mobile version, and when clicked it refreshes the page Im thinking this is just not mobile friendly
  2. I think Carson is a safe play this week. Sure, he has a shorter leash than some of his counterparts out there, bit at thia point i think you have to start him. IMO his fall from #1, if it occurs, will be slow. This isnt NE where a guy goes i to the dog house on 1 carry never to be seen from again. Carson didnt suddenly just start with fumble issues. He had them last year yet Seattle stuck with him. Penny looks better than last year, but weve only seen him in small doses. In larger doses he may be less effective, and he may not be mentally (or physically) ready for larger doses. That all being said, I think the hopes of Carson being a top 10 or more RB are a little misguided. I think he will have RB2 value rest of season unless Penny makes significant strides and Carson continues to put the ball on the ground. Could be a sell high situation after this week if you can find someone who still values him as a RB1 Worst case, IMO, he is a RB1a or 1b in one of the most run heavy offenses.
  3. so a late 2020 1st, late 2020 3rd, haskins for Moore and Keesean Johnson IMO thats light for Moore
  4. They realize Cousins isnt a too qb, so theu are asking him to not suck. This workload is unsustainable for Cook. I expect him to turn it around enough, but I would put him in WR2 territory
  5. might get his chance this week. Ito and Barner in the concussion protocol
  6. must be bad if youre on board. you were excited about the rainy game last week, "anything can happen"
  7. Nothing makes me smile durong Bear games more than seeing Patterson taking a handoff
  8. which has more yardage the rest of the game: Bears Offense Redskins Offense Penalties
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