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  1. pretty blatant hold on thats screen. but by all means call the ticky tack stuff
  2. carne asada is amazing. have my own special seasoning. its incredible
  3. He is Jordan Howard but with better hands. Not sure why anyone is surprised. Especially by now
  4. not even a long bomb. guy can make plays off short routes very similar to Marquis Brown
  5. Davante Adams had issues with drops. there was even a drinking game created for his drops
  6. Starting at wr4/flex this week. 3 straight double digit games. getting redzone looks. Rosen locks onto him. set it and forget it!
  7. mayfield looks like an average at best qb. some real bad decisions. guy seems a little cocky in that he can do anything and itll be great
  8. I just remember a certain browns fan saying theyd be unstoppable and the best offense, possibly ever
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