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  1. Whoever leans on their rb. For me, the choice is obvious here. The possible RB1 on the year
  2. Oh I agree about Bloom, Rodgers is just very fickle and never uses his TE much. I think Finley is the last (and only?) top 10 TE he ever played with IIRC.
  3. Do you think so? I’m not so sure. Akers has the least competition by far, but the worst OL and worst QB of all 3. Swift probably has the second best scenario, but not as good of an offense or QB as Dobbins. Dobbins has the #1 rushing offense in the league and an older vet ahead of him who he is already pushing for time. If Ingram wasn’t there, he could be the top rookie rb in 2020. Ingram isn’t a huge barrier to me, but I do understand/agree he is a risky 2020 play. I’m just not sure he’s behind those other 2 so clearly. Maybe Swift considering the ADP
  4. They might be interesting but not in a good way. it’s clear you shoot from the hip, so to speak. If you’re going to do that, don’t be bent out of shape when someone brings it up as a lighthearted joke
  5. Sternberger is kind of a bum. I like Bloom’s take on him
  6. So then your statement is still wrong, they don’t lean on TEs, and it’s not just finding who the move TE is.
  7. Does Atlanta lean on TEs as much as NE does? Lol ATLs TE good resume only goes back 2 seasons. Before that you have to go to Tony Gonzalez to find a TE that they leaned on.
  8. Dan Arnold. I think he will be top 10. Another possibility is Kahale Warring. He is an incredible situation
  9. This. If anyone here was rooting for any poster who had their own company to go out of business, or for FBGs to go out of business, they would be said to be monsters, and would probably face a ban, but, you know,... “millionaires and billionaires”...
  10. Just pointing out that you were glass 100% full most of last season. We can go back and quote how you were touting his lack of carries/volume as a barrier. It’s interesting when even the guy banging that drum last season, preaching on low sample sizes near the end of the season, is not so high anymore.
  11. There is a very short list of teams with 3 players over 100 targets and one of those being a tight end. I don’t see 100 targets possible at all just based off statistics if we think Cooper and Gallup get 100 targets, but as said above, he doesn’t need 100 to be fantasy relevant. 70-80 would be plenty. I’d be more worried about McCathys tendency to not use his TE more than anything
  12. The 2.01 pick. Sounds like the starters are AJ Green and Higgins on the outsides, Boyd in the slot. Ross #4. Tate #5. The 7th option in the Bengals offense is not a major buy in my opinion
  13. https://twitter.com/tompelissero/status/1297973112785514501?s=21
  14. Shouldn’t be taken the wrong way, but Zeke is a far better comp for how Taylor can be used
  15. You know it’s time to give up when even Hot Sauce Guy has thrown in the towel
  16. Dante Pettis is he ex who swears they’ve changed, but you know deep down they’re just going to screw you over again
  17. Too bad that can’t explain his horrible performance in practice so far Edited: the link says it’ll be several weeks before he’s 100%, not that he will miss several weeks
  18. McCarthy sees Gallup as a #1 https://twitter.com/helmandc/status/1295698787659386880?s=21
  19. He asked what he could do to move Henry. I suggested a rookie RB and a 2nd next year. Dobbins isn’t a bad target because he doesn’t have a lot of hype, and he is likely 2nd string for at least some of the season. Thinmint said it was too light, and even the guy who he just traded with offered his 2021 (typo, unless he honestly offered the guy he drafted round 1 in 2010) and said that was too light. Yes, a random 2021 1st is too light, but a top 2, maybe 3 pick is probably about what his going rate is. I’d rather have Dobbins than any RB next year. I’d rather have Dobbins than Henry easy
  20. I wouldn’t trade my Dobbins for Henry, no way. A year from now Dobbins could very well >>>>> Henry
  21. You really need to subscribe to DFL... trade finder: 2021 1st and Montgomery for Henry 1.05 and 1.16 for Henry 2021 1, 2, 3 for Henry Sanders for Henry and Shenault Kamara for Henry you may think Dobbins + 2021 2nd is too light but that’s Henry’s value (picks 5 and 16 is about right too). It’s not astronomical. You’re better off holding if you are looking to cash out at a higher level than 1.03 + 2021 2nd value. As you can see above... Montgomery and a 1st, Id rather have Henry but that’s Henry’s value
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