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  1. Wasnt this supposed to be the greatest offense ever if (when) they got OBJ
  2. he was in the process of hitting the ground. cant lunge at his head when hes about to be down already
  3. Thats odd. All sprains can be minor or major. The reason high ankle sprains typically mean a worse injury is because of the amount of tissue injured in the area. Its all about the severity. It didnt look good when it happened though
  4. That means nothing. It means they are being protective until they get more of a for sure diagnosis. I could see it being a 1 week thing if it is just a sprain, but I wouldn't expect him to be out very long in general. All depends on the severity of the sprain
  5. So many people need to eat crow on giving Gettleman crap for this pick. He absolutely nailed this selection. This class is going to produce several good qbs when we thoight it woukd maybe produce 1
  6. the last time Mariota had success Minshew II was in high school
  7. the weather got me thinking about domes, which got me thinking about how much atlantas new dome resembles a butt hole
  8. it ain't safe it ain't safe it ain't safe it ain't safe
  9. ESPN listened to the fans and changed the down markers on TV but they give us a middle finger and force us to watch this horrible genesis halftime show again
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