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  1. incase you missed the awful halftime "video" in the early game... you're in for a treat when it runs again for the second game here
  2. this is where I am. I think his value still goes up from here... cant get lower than a 0
  3. a good human being. good values. realizes hard work gets you success. sets the example for his kids. awesome
  4. bias first its "and the 40 year old hall of famer says this is how its done" then watson does that and its crickets
  5. cue saints fans to complain about the refs and especially the halftime runoff
  6. just one week, but is anyone bailing? (dynasty) hard to see a goose-egg and still hold faith that this is the year. He's only 24
  7. Denver- what will the Lindsay/Freeman split look like
  8. Philly trying to trade for Gordon cant instill a lot of confidence in Sanders owners
  9. Thoughts on Gallups value? Hes been offered to me for a high 2020 2nd... thinking of taking it
  10. I only own one 2nd, and it's the other member of this trade's pick. He owns mine from a previous trade. he is rebuilding. Edit: he would be my wr5/6
  11. Thoughts? The 2020 2nd being asked for stands to be top 3. 12 team dynasty ppr. I am trading for Gallup. The 2nd is not mine
  12. He went 1.7 in a redraft I did this week. was hoping for him at 9
  13. wow. must be a Miller truther However I will say this- there are two WRs going in that range whom I think have better careers than ARob, but regardless you got great value
  14. any thoughts? I offered a 2020 3rd and he countered a 2021 2nd. it should be a playoff team. ppr 12 team
  15. Difficult to judge these rookies since they havent played, but would Deebo for Cohen in a ppr league be a fair deal? Seems like it does on the FBG dynasty value chart but seems some people have some pretty strong opinions one way or the other
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