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  1. HOF doesnt matter anymore.
  2. Hes done a great job. One thing many of us, myself included, need reminders about is that what the NFL values doesnt directly translate to fantasy. Campbell may provide them a gadget player to fill a specific need. They may not have drafted him ever thinking he would be anything more than a slot guy with a specific role. Not trying to pee on anyone's cheerios but it's always interesting to see expectations going crazy because a player is fast, or they're tall, or whatever. I am not expecting Campbell to be much for fantasy
  3. Why are you so high on Deebo? Seems like not a lot of people are, especially in my league
  4. That's interesting because he seemed like he could never get open when watching his games. Maybe it was an assumption because Rodgers would never look his way
  5. Lindsay seems to be a polarizing player- love him or hate him. Where would people put Lindsay relative to Deebo Samuel in a ppr league?
  6. IMO 3 of the top 4 picks are probably rbs. I really dont think a wr goes 1.1, even Jeudy
  7. I understand, I just saw a great opportunity and a lot of uncertainty with Ebron's future in IND and targets
  8. This is why I sold I also dont think he will have 110 targets and 13 tds. those numbers, especially TDs, arent sustainable oddly enough, I sold him because I also have hockenson (engrams te1)
  9. Where do you put Ingrams value for draft picks 2020?
  10. I disagree. Someone hasnt been doing their homework on Adams... or doesnt know what I know I guess
  11. Jets fans... any insight on Greg Dortch? Seems like he has a pretty good shot at making the team. Crowder is good enough to not get beat out by an UDFA, but hes had his fair share of nagging injuries.
  12. I've picked up because I'm intrigued. the league seems to be moving toward (or catching up to NEs gameplan) these smaller shifty possession WRs. Treadwell is terrible. If they didnt resign Theilen I'd really like him. But as roboto explained: Diggs, Theilen, Rudolph, Smith... it's hard to see another wr being worth much more than a bench stash in case Diggs or Theilen get hurt. There arent a lot if targets to go around to everyone. Again, I did pick him up to see what he does this preseason. If he turns into some redzone darling then he could definitely be someone to try and find an spot for.
  13. I would trade 1.10 for the following years 1st from a non playoff team every year. maybe not 2020 but we will see
  14. because the type of person who trades an expected high 2020 1st for a low 2019 first is the type of owner who picks high every year
  15. no one is trading a stud away unless they are getting the better end. And in some cases its win/win; who cares about those picks if you are set to contend the next 3 years
  16. Going off DTC for this one too... The guy getting McCaffery can only make this a wash.. if that 1st/2nd is anything higher than a low pick in the round, the other guy got the better deal easy. That being said, from a pure personal standpoint I'd probably make this deal for McCaffery too. In fact, I may propose it in my league
  17. Assuming a late 2020 1st this is pretty close. In favor of Bell by about 2.6
  18. If I look at this as Sutton, Drake, Balage, Samuels for Kirk and Aaron Jones I'd say Sutton is the best player in that deal. Samuels is undervalued as I do believe they will do some kind of rbbc. I'd probably take Kirk and Jones but it's pretty close ETA: DTC agrees. Slightly in favor of Kirk/Jones by the value of 2.7
  19. I mention them because they are each about 3 mil away from 30 per year average. They dont deserve it, but it goes to show how competent QBs should get paid 30+ mil; it's just the going rate. There is no reason Dak should be paid less than Cousins, even if Cousins doesnt deserve that salary. I dont need to lecture anyone on how the market works in the NFL. I agree, teams are scared that if they let a "franchise" qb go (and we can debate what a franchise qb is; I do not define it as a future hall of famer), so they overpay these guys. They have a fear of the unknown qb This is a great article that depicts this, and is exactly what you're talking about. I'm not sure Dak is worth 30 million, but he will probably get it because bad QBs are making slightly less than that, and he is worth more than them. I do think Dak is a franchise qb. I dont think today he is a guy who can single handedly win games such as Rodgers. He struggled a bit when his team was pretty poor, but he was/is young. You dont let Dak walk if you're the Cowboys but you also cant ruin your salary cap. Dallas will have to hope they can do well in the draft on defense and OL to help support the contracts for Dak, Cooper, and Zeke.
  20. I agree that Dak isnt your typical 30m qb, however does Carson Wentz create weapons? Matt Ryan? Matt Stafford? Jimmy G? Kirk Cousins? granted those last 3 are just sub 30mil but it's close enough. I'd say Dak does no different tha Matt Ryan over his career I'm not even sure if Russell Wilson creates weapons. Hes awesome but he hasnt created guys like Ben and Rodgers have.
  21. You obviously didnt read my entire post. No one here is saying he is the next Brady or Manning. You were right on Mariota and I give you full credit on that, but Dak is much better than him IMO, but we can debate this for another 3 months and make zero headway. I think he is closer to QB6-12 than he is 20-32
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