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  1. I'm surprised to see Dak ranked around qb14. If he has zero progression and he has peaked in his career then sure, that makes sense, but people seem to have such short memories... as if Russell Wilson was a top5 qb from his second year on. 

    As much as I dislike Dallas, they are (seemingly) quietly putting together a really good team. A lot of people dont like him and his wrs from a dynasty perspective because he "only throws 22 TDs." Except 14 of his 22 TDs came weeks 9-17 after the team got Cooper. The future is bright


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  2. one more


    — Prescott is the only quarterback in NFL history with multiple seasons of 20 or more touchdown passes and fewer than 10 interceptions by the age of 25.

    — Prescott is the only quarterback in NFL history with consecutive seasons of 20 or more touchdown passes and five or more rushing touchdowns.

    — Prescott is the only quarterback in NFL history with multiple seasons of 20 passing touchdowns, five rushing touchdowns and fewer than 10 interceptions.

    — Prescott is the only quarterback in NFL history with more than 20 games of a 100-plus passer rating (minimum 20 attempts) through the first three years of their career.

    — Since 1994, Prescott is the NFL’s highest-rated passer (by an wide margin) when tied in the fourth quarter or overtime (minimum 50 pass attempts).


    and hes the highest rated passer by an obscene margin tied in 4th quarter 

    even after 2 years his stats are compelling 

  3. If we are going to call Boyd, Lockett, Landry WR3s because of their ADP (even though they finished 2018 as wr2s; Corey Davis was 4 fp away from wr2) then we should call Woods a wr2 as he is WR18 per FBGs ADP consensus

    DTC has Woods as WR24 with Davis ARob and Landry all ahead of him. If those guys are going for a 1st it looks like getting a 2nd in addition is great value for Woods

  4. 5 minutes ago, FreeBaGeL said:

    Landry, ARob, Lockett, Boyd, Davis are all being drafted as WR3's and have value around a 2020 1st if not a little more in some of their cases.

    possibly in a couple of those cases. I'd argue some of those could finish higher than Woods this year. 

    You did just list off a lot of guys who finished wr2 last season, not wr3

    FWIW DTC disagrees but that's fine. I dont think Woods finishes as a WR1 this season personally

  5. 2 hours ago, matuski said:

    Yes.  Please do.

    Prior to the second half of last year, Dak was thanking his lucky stars that Mariota and Lamar Jackson kept him out of the conversation for worst passer in the league.


     his passing stats are better than Wilson's first 3 years


    his resume is among notable names such as peyton manning and Tom brady

    I'm not saying hes going to be as good or better than Brady or manning... thatd be about as ridiculous as someone saying he could be confused with the worst passer in the league, but his stats are damn good compared to the first 3 years for Wilson, brady, matt Ryan, and several others

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  6. FWIW DTC has this fair at ertz and the two 2nds for your 3 guys. 


    You're high on OJ so I'm not sure why you'd do this if you dont think it improves your team. 

    IMO Sanders is a RBBC guy losing receptions but being the primary ball carrier. worst case he ends up like Abdullah, a 20-20 guy, Howard is the redzone back, and someone else (Scott I think) is the reception specialist. 

    Jones... I was his biggest fan by far, most people know this, but I'm soured on him a little for 2019 and beyond. Hes a homerun hitter but I'm not sure he can last a full season. I do think hes probably equal to Sanders if he pans out 

    If it were me, I'm not sure what I'd do. I'd probably decline and instead of Sanders ask for a 2020 1st, but I am a draft pick hoarder 

  7. 31 minutes ago, enyce said:

    Gurley says he isn't worried, Gordon says that Todd is good, Eric Dickerson says Todd is good.  I'll come back to revisit the hysteria that was this off-season after he drops 1500-2000 combined yards and another 15+ total TD's this year.


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