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  1. 18 minutes ago, hispeedthinmint said:

    Now that I was able to get CMC without moving Henry, I am thinking I should maybe sell high on Henry for another RB + starting WR and/or draft pick(s)... WHich players to target? I have not thought that far ahead lol

    For me, I’d look to get young (not that Henry is old). Dobbins might be perfect, if you like him, because his owner has to wait a year maybe for him to produce. Henry will produce now.
    Dobbins and Bryan Edwards is close. Dobbins and a 2021 2nd

  2. 16 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

    Those two awful “trades” that were  posted smack of someone posting offers they’ve made hoping for positive feedback to show a trade partner, or something. 
    The one with Lamar and Kelce  wouldn’t even be enough for either of those guys individually. 

    Here is the sum of the 3 trades:


    He Gave: Lamar Jackson, Julio, Kelce, Aiyuk, Meyers, 2021 1st (Jeudy trade), 2021 1st (Kittle trade)

    He Got: Garoppolo, Ingram, Landry, Jeudy, Kittle,  3.08, 4.08


    According to dynasty trade analyzer, he lost by the value of 1.02!

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  3. 1 minute ago, hispeedthinmint said:

    He doesn't have much worth asking for him to add, though. WHat about Hopkins + Fournette?

    He has Gurley & Julio & Edelman & Engram, but no real interest from me there. I actually traded Edelman last year. Gurley won't help my team & my WRs are stacked so don't need Julio. He also has Sims & Fant which I like as prospects

    Yeah that’s about equal to ARob and Henry... the problem is Fournettes perceived value in the dynasty committee is rock bottom for a weird reason (guy finished with a career year and shut up critics about his receiving limitations). 

    Fant would be nice, but chances are he wants to hold, but it could be worth a try.


    you could try ARob, Hopkins, Fournette for CMC and Julio. That’s pretty darn close. But again, Fournette is a nonstarter for some


    Id ask for a future pick (2nd). That never loses value (only gains) and you can always use it in a deal as a throw in to get the deal done 

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  4. Henry and AR15 would be an overpay by about the value of a mid to late 2nd... he might take that. I think it’s inevitable Hopkins takes a dip on a new team, especially without camp. I’m not sure you’re starting him by the end of the year considering the strength of your roster. I’d seriously consider it, or ask for a little bit more back. 

    Stacking CMC with Barkley and even Cook and Fournette is insane; who cares if you over pay, you’ve got a cheat code almost guaranteeing you to win, plus I like CMCs longevity more than Henry. 

  5. 1 minute ago, hispeedthinmint said:

    What free dynasty PPR trade calculators are good?

    None... dynasty trade calculator is $10 for the year I think? Dynasty trade analyzer is $10 for the year + their year long subscription if you don’t he draft king’s promo like FBGs. Hinderlys dynasty value chart is $10 for the same promo. $10 is a small investment IMO but I get it if people don’t want to go that route. In that case dynasty 101 might be best... Id rather ask Twitter-verse @myfantasyleague using polls in that case. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, DropKick said:

    I think this is the right answer...  Sure, it would be nice to pay less but the guy giving up "Run CMC" doesn't want less.

    Maybe have him throw in a prospect WR or a non-premium draft pick.

    “I’ll trade you my fruit roll up for your pudding”

    ”no thanks, but I have these tasty carrots I’ll give you”

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  7. 24 minutes ago, dkp993 said:


    Thanks.  Don’t have a compost pile/area unfortunately.  I’ve never heard of lime for the garden before what is it?  It might be a stupid question but is it literally limes?   

    I always add this Encap 10612-6 Fast Acting Lime Pouch, 2.5 Pounds, 400-Square Feet https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00140ILX8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_mmHmFbT1C0YXP

    you might be able to find cheaper stuff but that’s always at my local store and has worked for me. 

    It’s basically hydrated ground limestone and other soil additives. “Fast acting” is important unless you have weeks/months for the lime to interact with the soil. I use one of these packages on 200 sq feet of garden soil in the spring (too high of a pH can lead to more weeds, but I find good thick mulch with straw helps cut down), and when I do tomatoes I use it once fruiting begins. Add around the drip line and water in. If I don’t see improvement within a few days on new fruit I add more. I’ve never had to add a second time to the tomatoes, but almost always once (in addition to my spring addition). 

    Save your egg shells. Rinse them and just throw them in a hole in the corner of your garden space (to be tilled in next year). Or rinse, dry, crush, and sprinkle all over your garden. 
    Egg shells are amazing for your soil. Don’t throw out that white/brown gold. I also throw my used coffee grounds in there too


    I have bigger problems with blight on my tomatoes, so I alternate year on and year off. This is an off year. I also tried pruning the first foot of branches off to keep the splashing down. Next year I’ll do a drip irrigation system. Tried the soaker hose and it was horrible; drip seems to be the way to go 

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  8. 7 hours ago, Cowboysfan8 said:


    @dkp993 maybe give the lime a shot

    @dkp993 I also do worm composting using the worm 360. Works amazing. I crush my rinsed egg shells and put it with the greens/browns in my worm bins. It doesn’t break down, but can help the worms and in the end it ends up in my soil and helps with the calcium levels. 

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  9. 12 hours ago, GroveDiesel said:

    Up through middle school every year. Partly because character backpacks are a big deal to kids and tastes change fast at that age. Backpacks are definitely a signal to other kids at that age of who you are.

    Once middle school, purchase a high quality one and go as long as it will last. 

    I got an LL Bean backpack in 7th grade and I still have it and use it occasionally for stuff. It’s still in great shape. Something with a leather bottom and strong zipper is key.

    Yes this is about where I am at. Cheap character ones for now and if I got a nice one I’d expect it to last some time

  10. On 7/28/2020 at 4:24 PM, joker said:

    Let me know how it goes. So far the blossom end issues are the only thing we've experienced this summer, but it's taken out too many of our tomatoes and peppers :kicksrock:

    Whenever I see blossom end rot I immediately add fast acting lime around my tomatoes. Works like a charm and typically only have to add once

  11. Anyone have a good solution to Japanese Beetles? These mean green leaf eating machines cause havoc to my garden, my peach and cherry tree, and some of my trees in the yard. Drives me bonkers. 

    I have found Seven works, but I’m not real sure I want to spray my food with that

  12. Thanks everyone. I certainly don’t want this to turn into a “privilege” discussion or anything like that. 
    I recalled getting a new one almost every year when I was a kid. I had a couple Jansport ones that were excellent and lasted. I beat my stuff to hell though. 
    My daughters is a bit beat up. It’ll carry books but it has seen better days and is probably better off being recycled into a different function.
    It seems it’s not uncommon to get a new one every year or to get more than one year of use out of it. I certainly wouldn’t get rid of it if it were in great shape. 

  13. 45 minutes ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    Man, this was such a harmonious topic too. :rolleyes:

    what I said & what you said I said were 100% different things. I’m here to engage in discussion, not “argue both sides“ (whatever that means)

    I offered a pretty detailed explanation as to what I thought the target share in Cinci should look like, which you summarized as somehow saying he won’t see the field

    i fail to see why you’d get bent out of shape like this, but I do see that I was wrong to take you off ignore. My bad. Won’t happen again.  

    Have a nice day. 

    Classic :lol: 

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