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  1. 1 hour ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:


    that may be because I didn’t say that. So honestly I’m surprised to hear that I said that too. :lol: 


    It was something your words seemed to suggest. Classic “those weren’t my exact words” response, but it was basically what you were saying- that he would have a difficult 2020 due to the guys surrounding him.

    I can see you’re just here to argue and take both sides so I will let you argue on both sides

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  2. 6 hours ago, NewlyRetired said:

    3 total seasons filmed so far with a 4th and final season to be filmed.

    Technically it’s a 4th and 5th season. 8 episode seasons. They do this from a financial standpoint so they don’t have to pay people more and can get 5 seasons


    32 minutes ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    I am not a route running expert… I just know what I read from people who gave evaluations of Higgins after the draft.. What seemed like a more immediate concern was his inability to get off the line quickly.

    that one  seems like a big hurdle for college players transitioning to the NFL. 

    players can improve on that like they can improve on anything… But from what I had read, that’s why he was a second a receiver.

    that said, as the third receiver, he may face subpar coverage which could lessen the impact of this.  So again, I’m going to hold out judgment until I’ve seen him play.

    I’ve actually read his routes are very well run. He may struggle with the shorter route due to potential separation issues with press coverage, which needs to improve. He has enough speed at the line, and bulk to work through it, so it’s an opportunity that he can overcome with some work. Many WRs selected higher than him struggle worse at this. 

    I was just surprised you said he would have difficulty seeing the field. Everything I read says he will be in the starting outside role. Boyd stays in the slot and AJ Green on the other side.

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  4. 1 hour ago, EBF said:

    All the Clyde paranoia is going to seem a bit silly in 4-5 months if there's a football season.

    He's highly-regarded by many, but some people are really hung up on the measurables and it's pretty misguided IMO.

    Missing the point here. There’s a pretty good flier who has a profile similar to CEH and could be in a good situation if the chips fall in the right spots. And you don’t need to spend 1.01 for him- he is free

  5. 23 minutes ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:



    As for Higgins, he has a crowded path to success. If AJ Green had departed I’d like his chances of being relevant for 2020 a lot more than with Green & Boyd In the way. I expect he’ll be the WR3 ahead of Ross, but Ross is the burner, so (assuming he’s still there) will still have a role, probably at the expense of some of those Higgins snaps. Not sure what happens to Ross & Tate - one will likely be a casualty in this. 

    2021 is when i would realistically hope for fantasy-relevant season for Higgins assuming he & Boyd are the top 2 WRs on the team at that point. His highlight reel is impressive. He’s long and could be a legit RZ target at 6’r”.. But as I understand it he was a day 2 pick because he lacks burst & his route running isn’t great. The latter can be improved. The former might be the difference between being a guy who can get open or being JAG.  

    I’m interested in seeing how things play out in Cinci. Higgins is an interesting part of it, but he has to be able to get off the line for him to live up to these lofty comps to all-pro WRs. 

    he’s getting lots of love in those links Faust provided, but then, lots of players get lots of love before they’ve played for the team that drafted them. Time will tell with Higgins,. 

    Higgins is starting on the outside opposite AJ Green.

    He will produce in 2020

  6. 1 minute ago, wgoldsph said:

    He might be the cheapest but that's because there's almost no chance of him getting the starting job.  It would have happened already.  This isn't sf with a creative offense, this is steady Ron Rivera.

    He doesn’t need the starting job to be fantasy relevant in this offense


    edit: by no means am I planting my flag on mckissic. I agree his chances are low, but my point is the rest are likely over priced minus Barber

  7. 18 minutes ago, wgoldsph said:

    Ah McKissic, fantasy players are never going to get over you no matter how many times nfl teams give you no work.

    Yeah but he’s the cheapest on the list with a high upside. I will go for none of them but I’m certainly not buying Gibson at his price and I have zero interest in the rest except for Love, who is likely over priced now too

  8. 2 minutes ago, JamieMurphy said:

    Sorry to the victims, hope they are okay.

    So what's the Washington backfield look like now? Gibson, Love, Peterson, Barber, McKissic, right? How do we rank them? Where do we draft them?

    Gibson will get way too much of a over reaction from the masses

    AP is likely the guy

    Barber stands to make the team and be annoying to fantasy owners 

    Love has a big opportunity

    McKissic might have value if they give him a lot of receiving work

    I’d avoid all in redraft

    Dynasty I will go for McKissic at his price. Probably can’t get Love anymore. I’d avoid the rest at their price 

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  9. Been eying this guy up everywhere. I was pleased to hear some hype on some podcasts justifying my thoughts. I think it was Fantasy Footballers that had a guy who was very high. It’s kind of a joke for them now but the guy who thinks Dan Arnold is a thing may have the last laugh. 

    Apparently when Kyler Murray plays Madden he ALWAYS looks for Dan Arnold in the Red Zone. While it’s a video game, that is still interesting to me. 

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