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  1. Love could be the dark horse here for sure. His talent preinjury was pretty exciting
  2. I’m not sure who all of those guys are, except I-ROK I liked one or two of his posts on the last page?
  3. Yes, that seems to be the case historically in this offense. If it’s so obvious, then there must be a reason, no? I don’t really have an answer
  4. Good post. I like Garvin too. I agree with you completely on Moore, however I liked Swift over Dobbins pre draft and post draft the needled didn’t move much for me
  5. I’m not sure what he’s talking about but I apparently said something funny. It seems people have gotten quite touchy on their takes and opinions. Seems to go in line with how things are these days with millennials...
  6. In 6 starts I’m not sure how CEH’s talent transitions to the NFL. I’ve seen great rushers bust and “meh” guys surprise. On paper and in college it’s not even a discussion of who is better. I would expect CEH to do much better his rookie year than Williams ever has, but again I’m not sure I see a super star that so many others do.
  7. I figured it was because they see CEH as a bigger receiving threat than rushing threat. One thing is for sure, if he doesn’t produce he has no excuse. A pretty safe bet to get volume. I don’t see a super star, but I don’t see a bust.
  8. You’re right. He could have had a rookie year like Haskins
  9. If you’re playing for 2020 then yes CEH is likely the 1.01, however the profiles still put JT on top and CEH as a landmine
  10. And I don’t think much has changed in that conversation. Profiles haven’t changed at all
  11. Their contract doesn’t accrue a year I don’t believe. I could be wrong
  12. Wondering if this changes the CEH/JT 1.01 debate. The profile hasn’t changed. Just the competition I’m willing to bet KC signs someone before the season. You can’t tell me Drew Rosenhaus isn’t calling there right now discussing Freeman
  13. Or get some leaks on if any are having players on hydroxy all year. 2020... the ultimate insider year
  14. I’d say it helps ESB more than Lazard since ESB profiles more in that role. Lazard was more likely the slot guy with Funchess outside.
  15. He tested positive on July 7 and didn’t announce consecutive negative tests until 3 weeks later. Do you really believe he caught a disease twice in 3 weeks? Or is it more likely he continued to have the same infection?
  16. If we are going to believe science and not hysteria, the scientists say it’s very unlikely to catch it a second time, and those who have tested positive a second time likely either are false positives or there is still some trace of virus in them from the first infection. You can get chicken pox twice, mono twoce, etc. I’m sure it’s possible, but knowing what we know already it’s extremely unlikely
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