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  1. On 7/28/2020 at 1:34 PM, nittanylion said:

    Bryce Love passed his physical, and is ready to go. Man, if that guy could return to the level he played at, at Stanford, and Guice could stay off the injury report, and so could McKissic, between AP, Guice, Love and McKissic that could be a pretty dynamic rushing offense, that would allow Haskins a whole lot of latitude in his development.

    If, if, if, I know...but, it's exciting to think about.

    Love could be the dark horse here for sure. His talent preinjury was pretty exciting 

  2. 1 hour ago, JohnnyU said:

    I was listening to Ray Garvin last night (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo60Bg9HbO4ThgVmBlhR3Jw), and while I really like his podcasts, the value he places on some guys stands out to me.  Two of which are D'Andre Swift and Rondale Moore.  First Swift.  In the past I've also disregarded situation when drafting players, believing the talent always trumps situation and that is what Garvin is doing with Swift.  He likes Swift more than Dobbins and I disagree with that.   I've been burnt too many times by talented RBs landing in what I perceive bad situations, whether that is the OL, bad coaching, competition, etc.  I'm not saying Swift will be a bust, but to value him over Dobbins isn't something I'm doing.  Not to mention he was always dinged up in college.  I know Dobbins has Ingram to deal with in 2020, but I believe it won't be too long before Dobbins is the man in Baltimore.    Second, Rondale Moore.  He was hurt last year and he was spectacular two years ago.  Garvin likes him over all the other WRs in 2021 and I just don't get it.  While Ja'Marr Chase is bound to digress some because of the absence of Burrow, CEH, Jefferson, and I believe a coach left, I would still take Chase over Moore in the draft because of what I know he can and will do in the NFL.  Garvin is high on Rashod Bateman but still ranks Moore over him.  I think that is a mistake.  I believe Bateman could be the best WR in the country this year (if there is a this year).  I know smaller WRs are more of a thing in today's NFL, but Moore at 5' 9" 180 and coming off a serious injury.  No way I would rank him over Chase or Bateman.  I would also throw in Jaylen Waddle over Moore, albeit closer. 

    Good post. I like Garvin too.

    I agree with you completely on Moore, however I liked Swift over Dobbins pre draft and post draft the needled didn’t move much for me

  3. 39 minutes ago, Cjw_55106 said:

    He has never rushed for even 500 yards in a season. I think mediocre is very fair. He'll be 29 next year...we all know the likelihood of RBs producing in their 30s. 

    Everything he pointed out had to do with on the field. 

    From my perspective, his comments had nothing to do with the situation and was more questioning if professionally, he could recover from missing a season. 

    Mediocre is generous 

  4. 6 hours ago, rockaction said:

    The whole point of this forum is to wade through different opinions and consensus. Putting laughing emojis next to reasonable opinions does everyone a disservice and makes you look bad. But that's par for the course, I guess.

    I’m not sure what he’s talking about but I apparently said something funny. It seems people have gotten quite touchy on their takes and opinions. Seems to go in line with how things are these days with millennials... 

  5. Just now, FreeBaGeL said:

    Compared to Damien Williams, who has a career high of 498 rushing yards?

    In 6 starts

    I’m not sure how CEH’s talent transitions to the NFL. I’ve seen great rushers bust and “meh” guys surprise. On paper and in college it’s not even a discussion of who is better. I would expect CEH to do much better his rookie year than Williams ever has, but again I’m not sure I see a super star that so many others do. 

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  6. 20 minutes ago, FreeBaGeL said:

    That's a huge dropoff in the rushing numbers compared to last year, when they didn't exactly have a formidable running back.

    It would be pretty shocking if the Chiefs only rushed for 1200 yards as a team this year.  They've never rushed for less than 1500 under Reid and are typically slightly under the 2000 mark.

    I figured it was because they see CEH as a bigger receiving threat than rushing threat. 

    One thing is for sure, if he doesn’t produce he has no excuse. A pretty safe bet to get volume. I don’t see a super star, but I don’t see a bust. 

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  7. 5 minutes ago, BoltBacker said:

    I agree with a lot of this. Just to be clear I'm not saying that Lock is a bust. A QBR in the mid 80's is fine. Mason Rudolp(82), Flacco(85), Fitzpatrick(86), Brissett(88), Minshew(91), Keenam(91).... those guys are "fine". The reason I bring up QBR is because the person I was quoting actually brought it up. If the narrative was, "Well Lock only had 5 starts and he really only had one good game but it's early in his career and a lot of rookie QB's have a learning curb their first year in the league. We can't call him a bust at this point,"..... then I would totally agree.

    The narrative I keep hearing is "Lock had a promising rookie year, just look in the same situation as Flacco he played SLIGHTLY better". But I also think most people would say Flacco is a broken down version of what he used to be and most people don't think he should be a starting QB in the NFL any longer. So a slightly better version of a broken down Flacco at the end of his career doesn't seem as "promising" as some people are making it out to be. That's all that I am saying.

    You’re right. He could have had a rookie year like Haskins

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  8. 40 minutes ago, KChusker said:

    Can't believe I am saying this as a Chiefs fan about a player of ours but JT is the superior talent in a great situation

    In 0.5 PPR or standard he is still my 1.01

    It is just so much easier to find successful players of JT's archetype than it is to find RB hits who are slow and small but build their game around pass catching and elusiveness

    Both will be great (I need them to--I sold a ton of assets to move up and draft both CEH/JT) but JT is safer with a comparable ceiling


  9. 1 minute ago, Blackbear said:

    Ok, well maybe then if we use 10 points then it means CMC still better than Zeke by 35 points. And Zeke better than Barkley by 18 points.

    So maybe I would swap Zeke into 2nd spot.

    I think the league should do an antibody test and tell us who has already had it. 😀

    Or get some leaks on if any are having players on hydroxy all year. 2020... the ultimate insider year

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  10. Just now, Blackbear said:

    Your line up won’t get zero when they sit out for covid. You will play your back ups. So likely you lose 5 or 6 points per game out. So this would be 18 points or so for 3 weeks. So in my ppr leagues this means CMC is still 47 points up after taking off that 18 points. And Elliot would effectively be ahead of Barkley by 6 points. So I think I would Go CMC and deliberate a bit on Barkley vs Zeke. Unless I am thinking about this wrong. 

    Good point. I would argue dropping from CMC to a RB3 is larger than 5-6 points though 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Biabreakable said:


    As usual people believe what they want to believe. Especially about things they do not know about.

    He tested positive on July 7 and didn’t announce consecutive negative tests until 3 weeks later.

    Do you really believe he caught a disease twice in 3 weeks? Or is it more likely he continued to have the same infection? 

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  12. 1 minute ago, rockaction said:

    I'm waiting to cue the guy that accurately says we don't know he can't get it again. And that guy would be right. We don't know.

    If we are going to believe science and not hysteria, the scientists say it’s very unlikely to catch it a second time, and those who have tested positive a second time likely either are false positives or there is still some trace of virus in them from the first infection.

    You can get chicken pox twice, mono twoce, etc. I’m sure it’s possible, but knowing what we know already it’s extremely unlikely

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