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  1. Yes, Elliot should very much be considered as the 1.01 in redraft. Look at this as a potential 2 game suspension (most likely scenario) for both CMC and Barkley. If they are going into the season with that impending at any given time, similar to Zeke in 2018, then how much would you drop them in your rankings? They could catch it during the fantasy playoffs or even right before. Absolutely, it’s a huge risk that doesn’t exist with Zeke
  2. Over/Under 3 pages before a poster who enjoys pungent peppery sauce gets this thread locked
  3. Saves GB the trouble of putting him on IR after week 1 or 2
  4. I guess I missed them trying. With a void in major tv sports coverage, I would have thought they would have struck a temporary deal and gotten on some major networks. At the same time I can’t remember the last time I looked at what was on ESPN so it’s possible I missed it because of that.
  5. Curious what others may think- While the world of sports was put on hold with COVID, did E-Sports miss an opportunity to take a bigger piece of the pie? Many people were so starved for sports they found themselves watching anything they could that resembled competitive sports I realize E-Sports and watching gamers isn’t for everyone, but neither is soccer or golf and plenty of people watched that when they could. I feel like there was a potential opportunity missed to thrust E-Sports into the spotlight and gain some more viewers/fans. I’m certainly not an avid E-Sports guy; I’ve never watched a “game” or whatever it’s called, but I would have during this sports shut down. What say you?
  6. Many of these guys live within their means, which 150k will not support I don’t make NFL money, but if I had to cut to 150k for the year I would hurt substantially, and I live below my means (no WiFi until this last spring (virtual learning), smart phone only 3 years ago, I drive an old car). Higher salary just means higher bills.
  7. Too many people wrote him off early and are in take Lock (or don’t take Lock in this case). He had a very promising rookie year and had grown tremendously. If that growth arc continues, then we really are potentially seeing a great QB blossoming. He has a competitive edge. He’s got it between the ears. He’s a hard worker. It all shows and he’s got a fantastic supporting cast to boot
  8. I like what I’ve seen so far, definitely. I recall JohnnyU saying he was expecting every QB in that class to bust but Haskins, so as far as his QB evaluating is concerned, I don’t give it a lot of weight
  9. There were warning signs, but people scoffed I think we can /thread this guy I will miss a certain guy of hot sauce pumping him up every week though
  10. Well, you gave up your best chance at a stud by moving 1.3. I’d still draft best available regardless
  11. Draft capital matters the most in these things, but we can’t just ignore those measurable either. However, the two bolded areas are contradictory... if you don’t care one iota then you are saying they don’t matter. If it does matter and needs to be looked at as part of a process, then you care more than one iota. Athletic scores have been shown to have a great correlation with NFL/fantasy success. They should matter. It isn’t the be all end all, but if you want to minimize wasted draft picks, you’ll do better if you stick to the “cheat code” than if you don’t. GMs miss all the time on their picks, and many times an armchair GMs had it right. GMs just get paid while making their mistakes
  12. Ooff... I always feel like if you have to look at a trade from multiple angles to try and make it look not that bad, it’s a bad trade. Too much has to go right for the package side to make this deal worth it. There has to be SOMEONE who would have given a better deal... maybe not. I was in board until I saw no TE required. 1.5 for TE doesn’t move the needle THAT much for me for TEs. There is some obvious TD regression coming for Jones, but a lot of people count him out of GB in 2021, but I just don’t see it. It’s Jamaal Williams who will be gone; I really think they resign Jones. I think this deal was a pretty good one, and a good sell of Jones if you didn’t add Jarwin. I think he tips the scale here in about the value of a 2021 2nd. At least that’s what my trusty calc says
  13. You’re suggesting we can hype based off SEC college resumes but we shouldn’t hype based off actual NFL action? You had a lot of really good counter arguments available to you, but you’re sticking with that one? I guess this kind of reasoning, and SEC bias, is what leads one to say Snell will be better than Sanders
  14. A guy is only worth what the maximum anyone is willing to pay for him. in this case... yikes
  15. Says the guy hyping Jerry Jeudy all offseason as being the next Marvin Harrison
  16. @barackdhouse do you think having a high fever is equivalent of a severe reaction to any disease?
  17. Not really, just trying to determine why he feels a high fever he dropped his expectation to 10%. That seems like a low bar to set. Then he said it’s a FACT that it’s affecting young people seriously, which that is the exact opposite of what the facts say.
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