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  1. 10 minutes ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    I was phrasing it on your question - you asked “do you believe”.

    the FACT is that younger & healthier people (like athlete Freddy Freeman) are getting it more severely.

    Nice to know you were just trolling though. I gave you an honest response to what was clearly a disingenuous question.

    now you’ll be on ignore. 👎

    Can you provide evidence that younger and healthier people are getting it more severely? Do you have statistics to back that claim up? Or are you just making baseless claims because of the very very very small number of cases that actually happen to be severe and get over reported? 

    104 fever is really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things COVID related, but if that’s your definition of severe reaction, then we should close down the sports during flu season because one of my children and I both had a 105 deg fever with the flu this last winter


    Edit: I see what you do, post everywhere you can all frantic, but when someone disagrees with you put them on ignore. Better to speak in echo chambers only I guess. You must have half the forum on ignore, because from what I can tell you seem to put people on ignore a lot

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Deamon said:

    You already had one of your threads locked for you going off topic. This thread is about the 3 week rule... stick to the politics forum if you want to ramble on your narrative. 

    I’m pretty tired of his off topic antics as well. But he is from California, hears the panic everyday, and can’t help himself

    hes posted that in at least one other thread. I guess he wants to spam it everywhere 

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  3. 2 hours ago, The Fantasy Chef said:

    Who won this trade?

    Team A: gave MIKE Evans +3rd 2021

    Team B:  gave TYLER BOYD + Zach moss+ 1st 2021.

    I was TEAM A and got Boyd,moss and 1st 

    Im having traders remorse or something like that lol

    please let me know

    Evans is the best player in this deal so I’ve me him. I don’t see Zach Moss as very valuable so this is a random 1st and Boyd for Evans, which I can see both sides but definitely prefer the proven stud

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  4. 34 minutes ago, Gally said:

    This thread was started to see if anybody has done this at if so what worked or didn't work.  It's a discussion thread.  The issue isn't being pushed in the league.  It was put up for vote and it failed to get enough votes.  End of story for the league but it doesn't stop a discussion thread here to see if anything worthwhile comes from it.

    Yeah I think in general this is an idea that most people wouldn’t want to participate in. Thats what redraft, contract, and keeper (limited years) leagues are for. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Gally said:

    Interesting idea.  I think back to back is a little too quick but a three peat seems like a good parameter. 

    What stops me, a floundering team, from trading any asset I have to the repeater from last year in hopes of them 3 peating 


    edit: in general I think this kind of an idea would completely destroy your trading. Why would I try to build for the future if I could basically be told I just donated a year or two so we can restart? 

    Since your league voted this down, it appears you would completely destroy the good thing you have going with all good owners should you either push the issue further or somehow get some kind of a weird rule in place that could result in a reset. Just enjoy the good league you have and be thankful for it 

  6. I didn’t get an email, but the web version is pretty cool. I like the spider web display of strength  by position. Great to see my main team is near the edge at each category

    No problems entering data or receiving an output on a mobile version using wifi


    On a side note... things that made me laugh...

    Is Deejay Dallas really a liability as a rb8? Kind of funny. 

    Suggesting to add a bit more depth at a WR to a group that would rival most WR groups is funny to read, but I guess when I have a “somewhat weak” WR13 like ESB I see maybe can see the point. But my WR6 is a WR2 on most teams. 

    Not bashing the process, just gave me a laugh. 

    Overall this is a pretty cool feature. You should integrate it into the Lineup Dominator so you can actually offer real FAs in that league as people to sign. 

    This is obviously a redraft tool (which is why I got those odd comments I pointed out abov), but, like much many of your tools, it would be great if this was able to be used in dynasty too.

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  7. 21 hours ago, battlestar said:

    So this is kinda fun.  I'm out for a walk last week and lo and behold right at the end in the rapid fire round I hear you guys discussing my trade of McCaffrey for Matt Ryan, Tyreek Hill, James White, AJ Dillon, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, 2022 3rd. and your take was that I didn't quite get enough for McCaffrey, and as much as I didn't want to hear that it was true.  This is a 12 team SF TE premium in its second season.

    Fast forward to yesterday.  I suggest to the same owner I dealt McCaffrey to, that maybe we should be talking Zeke.  An hour later I get Zeke for Mike Evans, Tarik Cohen and Drew Brees.

    So, in the end - this deal becomes:

    McCaffrey, Evans, Brees, Cohen

    Zeke, Tyreek Hill, Matt Ryan, James White, AJ Dillon, 2022, 1st, 2022 2nd, 2022 3rd.

    Still too light or does this get things closer to your valuation?  I am pleased as my team is much more balanced now and I have some future ammo as well.


    These are still two separate deals but I think you won the second deal by a good amount. I would be interested to hear if they feel you redeemed yourself (in my opinion, yes, you came out on top total, but I don’t have a podcast :) )

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  8. 3 hours ago, lardonastick said:

    12 tm Non-PPR, start 2RB 3WR + Flex, deep rosters



    Damien Williams

    Williams by a lot here. He is the starter right now. A player at 2.11 won’t give you a starter today. There’s a low chance you find one who will eventually end up a starter, but there’s a big drop off in talent at about 2.6 or so. Sure CEH is there and he should eat into Williams’ share, but what if the masses are wrong about CEH. What if the whole “worst 1st round RB profile in a long while” people are right? You then just bought the starting RB for KC for 2.11, which is likely a bust anyways.
    what a great buy 

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  9. 9 hours ago, Edgar said:

    FantasyPros is a winner. Around the NFL is nice for pure news. Dynasty Nerds lead man Rich is so friggin annoying. Plus this offseason he said he’d give a first for Curtis Samuel, so there’s that

    I liked fantasy pros a lot, but I couldn’t get past the f-bombs iirc. Not that I don’t drop my own f-bombs but it’s unnecessary on a podcast. Their content was amazing but that is pretty off putting for me

    Rich for Dynasty Nerds is the absolute worst. I can’t get over his phlegmy/nasally voice and his tendency to go off on monologues. I’m surprised he didn’t have a heart attack during his 14 minute rant on CEH. I’ll listen if I’m caught up on my others and I’m reminded why I don’t listen often. I laughed out loud when he was talking about rookie draft picks being 50/50, “but I feel like we are closer to 75%” okay guy. :lol: 

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  10. Just now, Kevrunner said:

    Thanks for your posting your reasoning, it’s hard to find the perfect podcast, but your right, there are just so many now, way, way more than in the past.   For some reason, I get turned off put podcast that talked about stuff other than football, I guess I’m just getting older.   I used to listen to most of the popular fantasy football podcast shows, but I just got turned off by most of them because 30% of the show was either off topic or talking about their own teams. 

    Yes I can’t stand dynasty nerds anymore. Footballguys aren’t too fun for me, but I do like the dynasty show. Fantasy footballers and dynasty blueprint are my two favorites that resonate with me really well 

  11. 3 hours ago, Kevrunner said:

    Just curious why you didn’t like it?  I like it because they are not wasting listeners time with stuff not related to football and they seemed very knowledgeable in their debates and discussions with each other.   Very nice top 20 RB discussion in their 1st ever podcast in my opinion.   The first podcast I’ve heard in a long time that didn’t waste any time with silly jokes or  talking about unrelated stuff not pertaining to fantasy football.   I’m glad I found it. 

    A couple things:

    1. The voice and mannerisms of two of the guys was hard for me to get past. This is important on a podcast and has steered me away from other popular ones

    2. I don’t like podcasts that spend a ton of time on jokes either. When Chad Parsons went on a 5  minute talk about his first couple experiences with coffee it was a bit off putting, but it at least adds some personality to the show. There are podcasts that do amazing job working little jokes and little things here and there that make the show really fun to listen to and keep me engaged. It’s like I’m hanging with some buddies who know a lot about football. An hour and 15 minutes of some guys who seem like they have the personality of a wooden plank is real tough to get through, even if they have something good to say. You have to keep the listeners attention and I had a real hard time making it through the first episode. Very monotone and personalities were flat

    3. I find most podcasts to fall short of actual information worth listening to and better than my own. There are a couple podcasts that I never miss and have helped me a ton. I’m not even sure who these guys are and why their opinion should matter to me. They just seem to be in that “everyone else” category of a million podcasts out there; nothing makes them different in a good way for me. 

    Seems like everyone is making a podcast these days, so I’m sure some people will find this up their alley. 

  12. 2 hours ago, barackdhouse said:

    Thanks. So I would say that to the extent that I might know what I'm doing, if there is any area of FF where my results speak for themselves, it is in my drafting. Rookie drafting is a different animal than say redraft, but I've hit more than my share of picks. It's not about "scouting" better than the NFL or other FF minds, it's about doing it better than *one's own leaguemates*. And I feel I do consistently.

    But anyway I also think this draft is absolutely loaded in a way that makes this approach more viable. 

    FWIW I am terrible at inseason start sit decisions. I think I'm marginally better than the average bear at trading, much better at drafting, and I usually make it a priority to snag one or two difference makers off the wire inseason, but I'm not trying to beat my chest. My main rambling point here is that I *love* having lots of picks in this scenario. A few other squads of mine are loaded and to have even just a few premium picks is difficult to manage. 1st world problem but roster space can really be an issue. This orphan has about a dozen names I have no qualms at all about straight dropping. It's bad.

    Yes if your roster needs a major turn over this is the best way to do it. I agree that this draft has more talent than others in recent memory, so it’s a good draft to keep your picks in. I do believe there will be more hits. At the end of the day you at least have to like the guys on your roster and this is the best way to do that

  13. 2 hours ago, King of the Jungle said:

    Very true, he won’t smell that target volume. From a physical freak comparison is what I meant. Just a fun guy to watch on the field that can do a lot of things well. Once he sharpens his route running, scheme will be his only hurdle. 


  14. 51 minutes ago, King of the Jungle said:

    Regression is a common word to pin on him for sure and I agree he won’t average the same per catch average. I do think he will see more targets though and he will still produce big plays. The guy is the next Julio Jones IMO. Again, all my chips are in and willing to look back and criticize myself if I am wrong. He is a rare breed and even the conservative TEN will not be able to hold him back. Special, special player in my amateur eyes. 

    Jones averages about 160 targets per year for his career. Not sure I see that kind of volume for Brown, but I agree he is special and TEN won’t be able to keep the ball out of his hands. 

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