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  1. 1 hour ago, barackdhouse said:

    I like Chark but feel I'm profiting there. I like Harry a little but I don't think you understand how much I love McLaurin.

    If you're calling him overhyped then I can certainly see why you'd look at this differently. All I can say is I disagree substantially on him. I'll definitely take the over vs Harry by any metric moving forward. All the calculators have me having profited in total, though the McLaurin deal is slightly against me on paper. I think it's a dollar>4 quarters scenario. 

    I think Diontae is going to be roughly equal to Chark moving forward and the combo of McLaurin and Marquise, to go along with probably two top rookie backs (I really consider CEH and Dobbins about equal) because I have 1.06 and 1.12, will be far better than what I had before. I have a couple other late 1sts and a bunch of 2nds as well. My WR corps is going to actually look really good in a minute and I'll have a couple top rookie RBs as well. 

    Anyway. Fair take.


    Thanks for your response. It actually sways me a little to hear your reasoning. In whole, I may agree that you came out on top, but it would be interesting to look at this a year from now when those rookie picks are either hits or duds.

    I am not very high on McLaurin being a top WR. His situation got better by nothing happening in the offseason as far as Washington not adding any WRs. The fact that they were rumored to be in the Amari Cooper sweepstakes makes me wonder if they see McLaurin as a bonafide WR1 in their offense. What happens if they add a guy like JuJu next year? But, I am not super high on Harry either. I just think Harry should have better value this year than he does, while McLaurin is kind of pay for what you get. Chark is a good sell, but Dionte is a bit hyped for my taste. It’s just a personal preference. If the masses are right, you’ll be stacked for years.

    You seem like a guy who knows what he’s doing, and I appreciate the plan you have. I agree that you can compete this year. 
    My general strategy has always been to trade for draft picks, then flip many of those picks for proven players near draft time. I feel like the worst thing that your league mates can do to you in the situation you are in is make you pick each of those draft slots. If you’re good, 50% will hit, which means you just wasted 50% of all that value you traded for. Thats the only issue I have with selling for a lot of picks. On the other hand, making more picks gives you more swings, and more chances to hit on a player. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, rockaction said:

    I certainly wouldn't trade the Zeke I have for Cook or Chubb straight up. Chubb is a free agent after next year and is splitting a backfield with Hunt this year. Cook has never been healthy all year. Thank you for the offer, but I'd tell you to at least include another bona fide player if you want to talk about dealing. I still don't think I'd take those guys in return as the centerpieces, and certainly not Cook.

    This guy gets it


  3. 2 hours ago, Bracie Smathers said:

    No one knows the long-term implications of Covid.  No one has proven immunity so he doesn't get any bumps for having it.

    I'd take Chubb over Zeke in dynasty every time, no mistake.  Why would I want a RB with three more years of wear and tear and a strike?  

    Because he is much better than Chubb? Again with the “mileage”... show me a study that says this matters. Just because you keep repeating this, doesn’t make it true. In fact, I recall reading on another site that there was a study that said it did not matter at all! The only study I recall reading was one that said with more carries, the incident of concussion increases, which makes sense, however this doesn’t take into account running style among other things. 

    Also, Chubb had a significant injury in college, which there are numerous studies outlining the long term risks of arthritis following these kinds of injuries. 

    Not to mention, how did Chubb do with an active Hunt? Report back to me on that one

    I’ll take Zeke all day in this scenario, even with his “one strike,” which was minor in the big scheme of things

  4. 50 minutes ago, Bri said:

    He still doesn't make an effort on the second cut. Granted we're looking at backyard practice videos, but it's a bad habit one site pointed out last year and I'd like it to stop ringing in my ears. He's coverable. He's Mike Williams and Corey Davis. He's....never reaching his potential til he puts the same work in on that second cut as he did on the first.

    Turn your head and watch Edelman! Watch Fitz. Watch old Rice videos. Heck watch Jeudy or Lamb.

    One cut might do it for him against man but it means so very little against a zone

    I am on this train the second he shows effort in his second (and maybe third) cuts but there's just no way until I see that

    Which site?

  5. On 7/4/2020 at 1:27 PM, barackdhouse said:

    For some crazy reason I decided to take on an orphan project. It's rough but the league is an interesting format. 24 teams, 2 copies of each player. PPR, TE premium, 11 starters 22 total spots with 3 taxi. 4 divisions of 6 teams that get reshuffled each year according to previous year's finishes. The schedule is heavy within division so I *think* this allows for subpar teams to be able to rebuild and compete earlier and easier than otherwise. We'll see because the team I am taking over finished dead last. And looking at the roster you can see why. But Imma give it a shot. Made a couple trades today:

    I gave Chark
    I got Hines, 2021 1st, 2021 2nd

    I gave 1.01
    I got 1.06, Diontae Johnson

    So Hines is now currently my RB1, not kidding. I have Ronald Jones but will be moving him as soon as I can. I have a ton of current draft picks and feel I can make huge strides in year 1 here. Those future picks I got for Chark are from a really bad team. I have Mahomes so passing on CEH for say Dobbins, Swift or Akers at 1.06 (2 copies of each remember) isn't ideal as I would absolutely prefer CEH, but I'll gladly take one of those other 3 RBs and snag Diontae. People have made me a believer on him. Dawson Knox is the *only* other asset I hold that is worth mentioning. A lot of scrubs that I'll be dropping.


    Between these 2’and your other trade with Harry I feel like you are unnecessarily making this team worse. 

    You could have had Harry, Chark, CEH/Taylor and instead you have 1.06 (Dobbins?), Dionte Johnson, Hines, McLaurin, and a 2021 1st


    I feel like Mahomes, CEH/Taylor, Chark, Harry is a good base to build around, but that’s just me. For me, you sold 2 WRs with higher ceilings for 2 WRs who are over hyped. If you were taking CEH 1.01 then I do like the plan to sell and maybe get Dobbins at the worst, and a 21 1st. Hope it works out for you

  6. 10 minutes ago, Bri said:

    The Titans haven't had a special offense since the run N shoot days. I would go nuts if some of these predictions come true.

    Davis, Britt, Wright, Hunter, DGB, .... I would be thrilled if AJ simply plays as well as people predict

    The AJ Brown predictions are way too high- many are expecting him to perform better than any WR in Titans history. There were many interviews last week which reiterated the same things that were said all offseason- they will get Humphries involved, Davis is still the #1, and look for Henry in the passing game.

    When I used to do projections, I had the prior three years for comparison and those stats had a way of toning down my expectations to make them realistic. I can tell ya without a doubt that Tannehill will not throw for 6000 yards, very likely not 5000, and Titans fans would be thrilled if he threw for 4000. Some fantasy sites are not doing things right this year- do the math yourself!

    Love AJ, he's got great potential and it's fun. I get that! But geesh are some people getting carried away this summer.


    His ADP is wr17 which is about right for me. However the hype is absolutely crazy. I’d break my finger selling if I had someone putting MT value on him

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  7. 1 hour ago, Bracie Smathers said:

    A coach ranked him 11th.  

    No one threw dirt on his career.

     Not the coach, people in here talking about a decline and he doesn’t have it anymore


    And you are making the mistakes most posters do when someone mentions another name, missing the point. No one said specifically here about those players over Zeke (except you). People are hyped for Chubb, who looks like a 2 down back and is on his 4th? 3rd? Coach in 3 years. Cook who hasn’t stayed healthy one season. Henry who is also a 2 down back. And Ekeler is the hot name this offseason but a COP back. But a true bell cow, roughly the same age, with “mileage” (which show me a study that says mileage matters); no, everyone wants the shiny new toy

    And coming off COVID? With no symptoms? If anything he’s a bump having already gotten it and is less likely to miss games as those who haven’t gotten it yet. 

    Zeke has done everything right (aside from off the field for a few boneheaded decisions), and stayed healthy at the same time, but for some reason he’s a trendy fade. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, EthnicFury said:

    12team .5ppr qwwrrtffd

    gave: Robby Anderson, got: Cam Newton

    gave: 2022 4th, got: JJAW


    I like both of those trades for you. People are down on JJAW for good reason but considering Peterson said Reagor would sit behind Jackson and assume his role eventually, that means JJAW May have first crack at the Jeffery role. Too early to give up on JJAW. He played through a pretty serious injury last year where he couldn’t walk during the week. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, rockaction said:

    I have him on a dynasty team and would move him for the right price. He's not Saquon or Christian. He's right in the tier with Kamara still, though. But the end is coming soon. I also don't disagree with the assessment, but what do I know about scouting? Everyone seems to still think very highly of him and his inferior interior numbers were refuted in a few articles I've read.

    I think he has another 2 years of top production and then another year or two of RB2. It all depends what they do with Dak and how long they keep McCarthy. McCarthy tends to script his RBs out of the passing offense, but maybe he has evolved as he claims. You’ll want the RB in this offense regardless

  10. 5 hours ago, msudaisy26 said:

    Really agree with this. It is ashame that he won't have a full off-season to show it. I think the first 6ish games he will share with Johnson, but after that he will be so much better or Johnson will get hurt and it will be off to the races. I also love the fact that Detroit's receivers are vertical threats. It should open up some dump offs and running lanes. He has sleeper appeal to be the best rb of this class. 

    A lot of people chasing the shiny object but are missing on this guy. They will be kicking themselves in a year or two

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  11. On 6/13/2020 at 5:39 PM, Joe Bryant said:

    Hi @Johnny B. Goode   I checked with Sigmund Bloom that creates the WW report each week and Clayton Gray who manages the content and both confirmed we were never late on any week last year with the WW Report. This is very important to me as like I said, several years ago we were late a couple of times and we made a focused effort to fix that problem and we did. 

    Do you have the specific feature you are thinking of? And if anyone from FBG ever gave you the shrug  “things are always out at the same time every week” response, can you please forward to me? This is an important thing to me. 

    There were some rankings that were completely outdated. Player is named out on Monday but still on rankings until later in the week. I recall a thread discussing how Dalvin Cook could be the 5th or 6th RB for the week but was declared out Monday or Sunday evening for the following week. 

    The specific article I am referencing late is the WW report. If it says it’s out on Tuesday, sure technically you are correct when it goes live on the site with a few hours left in Tuesday... I guess I would expect things to be done and on the site when most people are still awake, but maybe whoever writes or publishes operates one a western time zone or Hawaii or something. I recall seeing threads of people complaining of waivers processing at midnight and 9 or 10pm still not having the article. Just come into the forums on a Tuesday evening sometime after week 10 and you’re bound to see one thread. Since I can’t find an example in the search function will digress. It’s not worth any more of my time to look. 

    As far as who has said they were all on time and shrugged it off, I went back looking at threads and couldn’t find it an example. I won’t put words in anyone’s mouths so I’ll retract that for now

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  12. Been with FBG since it was cheatsheets. The issue I’ve seen is FBG was started in the redraft days and hasn’t evolved as quickly or as much as other sites. I’m not renewing this year as I have found better value for what I need at other sites for the same or similar cost. 

    The big jump to daily was a negative but, as Just Win said, I hope the revenue offset the negatives. 

    IDP and Dynasty are afterthoughts, which is the biggest issue

    Lineup Dominator was okay to use but refreshing the synch was a pretty big pain. It got to the point where I had to refresh every league each time I logged in (why can’t this be automatic?) and then I’d have to click to a different page and back to my rosters to see the new synched rosters. Seemed clunky so I stopped using it midway through the year. Especially when you have multiple leagues, this was a big pain, and again it seems like this could have been an automatic feature to synch up during the loading/opening process. 

    Content can be tardy. There were numerous times the WW report was out late and came out only just prior to waivers running. That seems to be a consistent issue that always gets a shrug from FBGs and a “things are always out at the same time every week” response, but it happens often enough for threads to be created. This always seems to happen around week 9 or 10.

    I can see the negatives of abandoning the classic draft dominator in favor of an app. It took a learning curve but I like it better than the desktop version. Now that I am strictly dynasty, this feature does not interest me. It would be nice if FBGs came out with a dynasty start up version and one for rookie drafts. Rookie drafts can’t be too hard especially with how easy it is to import rosters. But then that would mean hiring staff with a focus on dynasty. 

    The contest is probably enough to keep most forum people coming back every year. 

    For me, as a dynasty player, the offseason content is lacking, which goes back to the dynasty focus being minimal. A podcast is nice, but it would be better if it were its own podcast so I didn’t have to sift through the other episodes that I don’t find too beneficial. Hinderlys chart is okay but it is updated monthly, and values can change at a faster pace than 4 weeks. Just seems like dynasty players are being thrown enough crumbs to keep them coming back for the contest.


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