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  1. Well he needs to in the possibly taking the heat off Lamar Jackson. As he can't keep running all the time. And that Coach Harbaugh needs to have a RB that can take off the heat of Jackson. Less expensive but need to look at 2022 draft over RB.
  2. Well the pulling out the troops there, tried and it seems every single time it backfires. And the US troops go on back it seems. Like with Obama trying to bring them home in 2014, it brought tragically ISIS. That is an example. You would think then VP Joe Biden would learn from that mistake. As would not be surprising if the US troops had to go back to Afghanistan. Officially the war may be over. True the Afghan troops need to protect their home but that they do not have the resources and manpower like the US soldiers have. It will not be long until they have to go back in. Technically it may never end sadly. 800,000 US troops went in there. 2461 Gave the greatest sacrifice to protect us all and the world. Many come back facing PTSD and in the having on their arms or legs or both blown off due to IED's. Struggling physically, emotionally, and mentally. Saying thanks for serving your country and defending us does not at times seem to be enough. Need to do more for the men and women in blue.
  3. It should never be a political issue. Regarding white supremacists, BLM, Antifa, etc. As it should be about these groups being under the FBI watch. As they promote hate and violence. BLM and Antifa destroyed cities and looting. White supremacists and in the Proud Boys approached the Capital and trashed it. Really do not politicize it. It is about right from wrong. Protest peacefully yes. Loot, riot, destroy not at all!
  4. Well at least Biden has the right temperament for President. While Trump despite doing some good things, held a hostile work environment and that over in the firing more people in the White House than any other President before and maybe after him.
  5. It seems if a Democrat did that, it would be getting a free ride unless you are Andrew Cuomo. Not a good time to be a GOP these days sheesh!
  6. Wentz will probably make him an offer Pittman can't refuse. To borrow from the Godfather!
  7. Jail that is in the easier said than done. As critics and pundits say he would not spend a second in jail.
  8. Well Dr Fauci will be win the Biden cabinet come January 20 2021. Like it or not. Biden and Harris over COVID will have to hit the ground running!
  9. Heard they had cut into the ratings of Fox. Not just OANS but Newsmax is a little known but growing network among the Conservatives.
  10. Would not be surprised but then again at age 43, would be as really can't tell ya.
  11. Look at countries everywere that are taken it seriously. But sadly the USA as really we need to do the same. But there are those that just sadly do not care and come as they please. Not fair for those with underlying conditions and elderly. As I have parents that have underlying conditions and in their late 60's and early 70's.
  12. Really both do not appeal to me at all. As really wished I could vote independently there.
  13. Well we shall see if he gets a second term. Depending on the virus thing.
  14. Well if Biden can overcome his gaffes and blasting of people, he could be a challenge to the Presidnet!
  15. Should not be about politics. When you have lives on the line and not just in China but all around the world. Washington State is ground zero.
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