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  1. I have no idea what you are talking about. If a chip were used in the ball it would be able to determine the exact spot of the ball during the replay, definitively. You wouldn't use it other then to determine first downs and touchdowns. The sticks and end zone are where they are, as long as the chipped ball shows the spot as being behind/over either then you have your spot.
  2. The D was definitely exposed and I will be dropping them from my team. The offense, while a bit perplexing, showed signs of life, especially through the air.
  3. If the knee (hip, whatever) is down and the ball is chipped you have your spot. If you are looking at it on replay I am not sure how that equates to now working?
  4. I'm debating between Murray and Jones...Currently have Murray in the lineup...
  5. Use it for instances where you dont have to break the tape down frame by frame in order to find the smoking gun. Doesn't matter if it happens in the first quarter or the last play of the game, DON'T CHANGE THE CALL, it will ruin the game.
  6. Stop all the whining, no NFL fan wants those calls called PI. I mean seriously, PI could be called on almost every play. Give it up already.
  7. I see it differently and think it was a good non call. The defender was there what, maybe .1 seconds ahead of time? It was not even close to being as bad a call as the LAR/NO non call.
  8. One way to handle PI would be to review it in real time only. If it is obvious you reverse the call, if not you don't. Slowing the tape down to frame by frame is not good for the game, reviewing it in real time would allow reversal of egregious calls. Which I think is really what the intent of the rule is.
  9. I think we are saying the same thing. Imagine if holding were reviewable, same problem.
  10. Agree, glad to see they wont be reversing these ticky tack PI calls, either side of the ball...It needs to be a blatant missed call, as it should be...
  11. I think you could call PI on 75% of NFL pass plays if you go frame by frame. I dont think that is the intent of the rule and I am glad to see the NFL not calling reversing these bang bang plays.
  12. Rotoworld Football @Rotoworld_FB 2m McLaurin (hamstring) pops up on injury report
  13. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet 1m #Redskins QB Case Keenum is back at practice after missing yesterday’s walk-through with a foot injury. That bodes well for playing this week.
  14. I have both and am starting both...That being said, F1 is the safer start....
  15. He's a beat writer, take it how you want. I expect him to play.
  16. NFL Beat Writers Retweeted Kareem Copeland @kareemcopeland Source: Keenum is in a walking boot but is expected to be good for Sunday. #Redskins
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