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  1. I wouldn't, but I know some people who would, lol. But that's not saying much because those people decide to roster some people at the tail end of their team just for kicks and giggles and to show support for their favorite teams. But if the 3rd RB was a pass-catching back, I might have considered it.
  2. Cowboys only had 2 on gamedays. Zeke and Tony Pollard. I was really hoping they'd give Tavon some snaps at RB, but that never came to fruition.
  3. Well, there are teams that just carry 2 RBs, but I guess the FB can also be viewed as the 3rd RB, and specifically with the Cowboys, if Zeke and Pollard both went down with injury in the same game, they probably would have used the FB and Tavon Austin. Perhaps a WR, LB, or DB just for their athletic tools.
  4. What do you all think about awarding a draft pick instead of improving a team's slot? I'd also consider awarding one at the end of the 4th round or something. Award them before you hand out compensatory picks. Personally, I find moving up in the draft less appealing than just awarding a new draft pick.
  5. Just create a diversity fund that teams can tap into when they hire minorities for a coaching or front office gig. Do the same when they hire female staff members. Colleges have funds like this all the time. A third-party hires a student/recent grad, and the school provides funding. Here, the teams hire a candidate and receive a subsidization (not total) from the fund.
  6. Dang, that's sad. 😕 Hopefully he brings some insight and/or analysis as to the actual topic. That'd be nice and welcome for sure.
  7. Yeah, but there are teams who already carried 8 OL, so they do get an extra player and then the PS player like you mentioned. But I'd probably just use those extra spots on a 3rd RB and then a defensive player. 3rd RB prolly doesn't factor in unless my work horse goes down.
  8. Depends on how you define toughness. If we talking taking hits and fighting through contact without injuries, then MAYBE it's Dak. But most active starts belong to Rivers and Russ Wilson, so maybe it's them.
  9. Yeah, that's kind of how I feel. My league is approaching it as nothing has changed, but if we see a significant difference, then we'll consider it. Obviously, when the league adds a 17th game, then week 17 will HAVE to be included, but ionno about week 18. Maybe. I'd imagine a lot more teams would have more on the line with their being an odd number of games then.
  10. Yeah, I'm with you on shrinking the preseason and adding another game as well as another bye week. Ideally, expand playoffs to 8 teams and give all playoff teams a bye week. During that down week, the NFL can have the Pro Bowl or something like that. Ionno, but that part they can definitely figure out.
  11. Too often I've seen teams rest their players because they already have a bye locked up, or they just don't have anything to play for. Now there's one less bye on each side of the bracket and there's another spot to play for, which might make more teams play a full 4 quarters in week 17. Who might not play a full 4 quarters? Teams with no shot of making the playoffs, a team that already has homefield advantage/#1 locked up, and/or other teams that have clinched playoff berths and would rather rest their players than 1.) risk losing them to injury or 2.) securing a higher seed from a win. So what do you think, Will 14 Playoff Teams Make Week 17 Fantasy Playable? Are you going to try playing a full 17 weeks this season? Or do you do that already?
  12. Do you not want any changes? If you do, then what kind of changes do you want to see? Also, I'm very curious to see how fantasy plays out when the season and playoffs are both expanded. I'm kinda hoping that a full 18 week fantasy season can be played. Honestly, this last point is worthy of its own thread.
  13. I like expanding the regular season. I hope they go to 18 games, 2 preseason games, and then expand rosters to where only 3-5 people max are healthy scratches. But I do think we may see some more marginal players, and that may also create an opportunity for more late round rookies and UDFAs to get some meaningful snaps, and perhaps even steal a job away. We've seen it happen many times before.
  14. OK. Not sure what that means, but want to try contributing to the post and/or answering the question? Please? That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. What Will Be The Effect Of Expanded Rosters On Fantasy Football? Do you think we'll see more gadget players? Will elite players be better off or worse off? What about middle-of-the pack players? Will there be any noticeable effect at all?
  16. Fair enough, but that's where other safe practices come into play, such as cleaning, shining flashlights on your body, and eating Clorox chewables.
  17. I guess. $3.26 million is on the higher end for a JAG.
  18. Any former XFL players interest you all when it comes to fantasy, whether it is redraft, keeper, dynasty, or another format? There might be some dynasty stashes, but meh.
  19. Surprising for sure. Does he have good chemistry with Minshew?
  20. Also, has anybody been using barbicide as a general disinfectant? If so, how has that been going?
  21. They should mandate gloves where I'm located. Too many people at the supermarket don't seem to be taking this seriously at all.
  22. That's not that young at all when it comes to the NFL though. He has a shot if they continue to expand rosters though, and I really think they should. Well that and go to an 18 game season (only 2 preseason games though).
  23. Pick 3 to start this week in PPR. AJ Brown vs. NO Terry McLaurin vs. NYG Marlon Mack vs. CAR Miles Sanders vs. DAL DeAndre Washington @ LAC
  24. Bills had a sizable lead at certain points too, and the Bears game wasn't that fun either.
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