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  1. I laughed at that last sentence. Literally all Darnold did last game was dink and dunk. There’s a reason why Crowder had that bizarre stat line. Anderson needs to get out of New York for a chance to ever breakout as a deep threat WR.
  2. Yes you are, it’s too soon to give up on him. Cam didn't seem interested in running so I’d give all the receivers a slight bump moving forward. If he continues to be 4th in the pecking order during the next 2-3 weeks then it’s time to consider moving on.
  3. Doubtful. The guy who runs it spends a lot of time watching games(literally recaps every game from the HOF game all the way to the SB) and has a family as well. Plus he plays in multiple high stakes redraft/dynasty leagues himself so I doubt he has much time to frequent the SP He has some really bold rankings(including being very high on Samuel and K.Murray) so that’s how I know Milkman is a reader
  4. Judging by your posts, I think you’re a follower of a certain lesser known fantasy football blog. Don’t worry, I won’t tell lol
  5. Bell side pretty easily (and I actually like A-Rob as a buy low) this rookie class is just too weak
  6. I was gonna say that maybe some interesting names were still on the board for the other dude to sell low on Kupp, but ouch, that's an uninspiring group to receive for a young WR2/WR3 like Kupp. Well done, sir. I prefer the 2020 2nd over M.Brown though.
  7. I’ll take CMC because personally I’m not as high on Moore/Jones as most are, plus it’s a 2021 first instead of 2020. Value wise it seems about right, but it’s a price that I could see a lot of people being happy to pay for a young stud RB as long as they have decent roster depth
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