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  1. the father of the officer who committed suicide was in the lobbying business with paul manafort? https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1348313262174031872?s=19
  2. i am sure this guy would have been first in line to call for forgiveness and moving on had a left wing mob stormed the capitol, killing a cop, and smearing #### on the walls.
  3. apologies. your thread title, which you posted on the very day neo-fascists tried to "seize" our capitol, made me think you were drawing false equivalencies.
  4. give it a day or so, when trump starts mounting his "rigged election" litigation challenge effort, i fully expect them to fall back into line behind cheeto. lindsay already went there today to start priming the battlefield, fox is clearly on board, and other GOP folks will most certainly follow. eta: santorum floating this trial balloon now on CNN after his "let the process play out" rhetoric of the past few days
  5. how long until we see bill barr pop up and try and save trump?
  6. sickness https://www.politico.com/amp/news/2020/03/12/trump-coronavirus-travel-europe-resorts-126808?__twitter_impression=true
  7. seems like a political move of the type putin would approve
  8. i have heard some speculation that when flu season starts back up in October is when we will see the really serious COVID breakout
  9. probably gross incompetence coupled with vanity
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