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  1. And Fournette has been in trouble and hard to motivate. Is he motivated? Will he be next year? I am always wary of great talent with motivational problems. See: Richardson, Trent And this is coming from an Alabama fan.
  2. I like the point Gally makes about keeping the best player, but with an additional thought. Adams is going around pick 8-10 in most redraft leagues. If you go with him as your keeper, you effectively get a second round pick(once you factor in 11 more keepers already gone from your cheat sheet) to replace Kamara. You can look at that as a negative, or you can look at it as Adams and Kamara having similar value and your 8th overall pick as a bonus. I doubt that Kamara will increase his numbers this year unless it is with extra TDs, which is the hardest category to predict. People are quickly dis
  3. That depends on your risk tolerance. If you think there's a good possibility Hill gets in trouble and suspended, then Mack is your man. In my opinion, Mack is an average talent but has high volume with a good offensive line and a good offense propping up his numbers. As long as Hill stays healthy and employed he has the a great offense, with high volume, and a quarterback that could be the greatest of all time, throwing him the football.
  4. No, we can't trade for draft picks, and I don't see us changing that rule. The idea behind it is that we are each keeping 6 so that's 48 top players off the board, so owners of bad teams can hurt themselves long-term by trading high draft picks, while the better teams get 2 first-round picks. Kind of the rich-get-richer thang.
  5. 8 team league, allowed to keep 6 with no penalties, standard scoring non-PPR, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE, 1 K, 1D, 6 BENCH. I took 1st place last year and so I draft at the 8/9 turn. My team from last year is Mahomes, Ryan, Melvin Gordon, Kamara, Mixon, Guice, Ingram, Beckham, Julio, Smith-Schuster, Amari Cooper, Keenan Allen, Kittle. I have been keeping 2 RBs and 4Wrs the last few years because I took over a terrible team and rebuilt it and RBs were hard to come by. Last year I was able to acquire Mixon so I was planning to keep 3 RBs and 3 WRs. Then Mahomes and Kittle happened
  6. I think I would keep Jones. At the worst, they would have similar numbers, and you are investing less for those numbers. At best, Aaron Jones out-produces his draft position, he has a better QB than Derrick (Marriota, if he's not replaced by the Miami castoff), and he can catch the football. I'm a HUGE Derrick Henry fan (and an Alabama fan. ROLL TIDE!), and never understood why the coaching staff never fed him the ball. He's the kind of runner that wears a defense down and then springs long runs because said defense is tired of tackling him. With that said, he needs the passing offense to cli
  7. I don't have a Twitter account and thought about opening one to get up-to-the-minute reports from writers that follow NFL teams. FBGs wrote an article about this but I can't find it and I'm not sure how up to date it would be if I could find it, depending on when it was written. Are there any recommendations on who to follow?
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